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Demo Complications

Due to certain complications with the 2shared.com site, the download link to the demo has been removed. The demo of the game will not be reuploaded until the next patch is available.


Final Fantasy: Chaos Demo

I am proud to announce that the demo of Final Fantasy: Chaos is now available for download! You can get it in the downloads section listed above! New versions of the demo will be released with further adjustments to enhance player experience. We hope that you enjoy the playthrough and report any bugs found in the bug reports section.



Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in over a month due to lots of school and personal issues, but now that summer break has come for me I can finally devote most of my attention to Chaos. I will be updating the game with new images and a soon to be released demo for you all! During the last month, I have been putting in small adjustments to the game as much as I could have with my busy schedule so that it wouldn't start collecting dust. I just figured that it would be best to update you all when my schedule became wider so I can effectively pour more of my attention into the site.

Progress Report

Itsy bitsy bug fixes.

Hey all! Just a quick update on Final Fantasy: Chaos. I've took the time to fix tiny little bugs and made adjustments on certain aspects of the game like the title fade-in and battle theme starting after the transition to the battle.

I'm glad I decided to fix these insignificant bumps before I got to grinding the bigger bugs! The itches have been scratched and now I can focus on the headaches.

I'm proud of the progress so far, but the pride doesn't last long since I find something else that makes the development harder to carry. But those challenges will only strengthen my experiences and make me even prouder once they are overcome. Such is the life of a game designer and I wouldn't have it any other way!


New Beginnings

Hello all! I am very happy to bring all of you my latest game project. This is the first time that I have created a profile to showcase my games so I am both nervous and excited. I will update Final Fantasy: Chaos as much and as fast as I can, with more flavored images, videos, and eventually a demo! So make sure to revisit every once in a while for new goodies to come! Cheers!
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