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Short, But JUST the right amount of length to make it fulfilling.

Wow, where do i begin? going into playing this game, i did not expect to enjoy it all that much, because to be honest... i am more into those LONG haul, spend your week playing said RPG from start to finish.

thankfully however, i was surprised to find myself enjoying the game from beginning to end, so with that said, let's get into the review.

Story: SPOILER ALERT! if you do not want me to ruin the surprise for you, then do not read further... you have been warned... now i thought it was going to be a run of the mill, SAVE THE WORLD kind of RPG, but it turned out to be a story that was made to hide the truth behind it all, so ppl have a hero to believe in.

Gameplay: NOW this is the real meat of this RPG, there is two systems implemented to keep it from being just a generic Final Fantasy Clone, ONE being the CLASS ORB system, which would allow you to learn new skills (Both Passive and ones you can activate in battle.) depending on the orb you have equipped on that character, no leveling up to be had in the game, which is really to keep the game balanced and challenging.

then the second Gameplay feature is the DEXTERITY system, which makes it to where a party member can attack more than once if Luck and DEX is high, much like that of Classic Final Fantasy.

Music: now unfortunately this was the most lacking feature of the game, really because it was just RTP.

Graphics & Mapping were not bad, though they were not the best, Character Graphics however was very impressive as far as i'm concerned, but then this was my first RM2k3 Playthrough so i may not be an expert on that.

all in all the battles can get repetitive, but that's just RPGs for you, there is not a single RPG that i can think of where i did not find battling repetitive, it's just something you come to grips with being an RPGist.

the humor was pretty good, a lot of the jokes was tossed towards the Final Fantasy series, like how Phoenix Downs insta-kill Undead foes (even bosses...) or how Red Mages are considered horrible because they did not specialize in either swordplay, white magic or black magic... personally that was a little lost on me, because i loved having a Red Mage in my party. (need to do an all Red Mage run on FF1 one of these days...)

now to the creator of this game, i wish to say that i really REALLY enjoyed this game, i hope that you use a lot of the aspects of this game in your main project, only thing i would put in the game you are working on is ways to increase your stats, so that way there can be an easier play for those who like to feel godly by the end of the game. (i admit i am MUCH that kind of player. lol)

i give this game a 4.5 out of 5 stars, almost perfect for a game of this size.


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RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
It's an awesome game, specially considering the time constraints :)
It's an awesome game, specially considering the time constraints :)

i agree wholeheartedly, for a game that was made in such a short amount of time, it's really good.
Thanks very much for the great review! It's nice to think that people are still playing this game months after the contest. Thanks again!
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