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Dustbowl is a post apocalyptic survival point'n'click, a kind of 2D STALKER with a retro look.


You are just another face trying to survive the aftermath of a terrible event which shook the world. With your father you have made the Hub your home, an underground shelter that protects what's left of civilisation from the horrors that roam the ruins above. Soon you will be tested, soon you will have to leave your home and enter the wastes!

Key Fearures:
- Random encounters, from combat, points of interest, wandering NPCs and Easter Eggs.
- A simple crafting system, turn your junk into life saving tools.
- A massive world with over 50 locations to explore and loot.

- Get hungry, get thirsty, get sick, stay alive relying on your wits and skill!
- A huge main quest line that takes the player across the blistering wastelands.
- Each NPC has a unique character portrait bringing the world to life.


Latest Blog

Dustbowl: what's next?

I have a rather ambitious Dustbowl 2 in mind.

I guess/feel I should make a game between Dustbowl and Dustbowl 2, a kind of transition not related to Dustbowl.

I would like to make a medieval survival game set during Black Death.

Take Dustbowl features, improve and add some.

Let's discuss about it all together!
Here or there:
Don't be shy! :D
I plan to do my next games with players, for players.
This will be YOUR game! ;)

Here is a quick tweet/picture just for fun:

(Mind, the idea is something 16bit/Amiga-ish)

Hope to hear you soon!
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  • 05/18/2015 08:57 PM
  • 01/11/2016 11:12 AM
  • 05/18/2015
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Hi guys and gals!

If you wonder about opinions on Dustbowl, here is some:

Cya and take care,

You have a cool-looking game here. Do you have some reviews on it already?
Thx Cap_H!
Well, two links from my previous link/post are reviews:
Steam curator review
We contacted Rock Paper Shotgun and some others and we are waiting for more reviews.
Feedback are all very positive.
Still, any support is highly appreciated: we all need to spread the word. :)
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