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Fisherman Game is about a fisherman (you) whose town has recently been victim to a very poor crop harvest. This means they, as the only person able to fish, must try and keep everyone from starving by training themselves in their trade to a standard that allows them to cope with the sudden necessity for their skill.

Fisherman Game is a mini-game which I have made to practice my game making.

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  • 10/28/2008 10:08 PM
  • 08/01/2017 11:18 PM
  • 10/28/2008
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I'm sorry, but this game was really boring ... i know it probably took alot of time and effort, but it was not interesting at all. Plus it is impossible to get 1000 fish
RMN sex symbol
Looks good man and I know it's was a kinda test for your art work and stuff. But the gameplay did sorta take a hit with this one, amazing work nonetheless. Can't wait til I see a full fledged game in this style of yours.
I could totally see this style of game for a fun RPG!
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