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Great start

Escalia is a very short game, hopefully a preview of what's to come. The story itself is very well written and intriguing, and I had to check and see if there was a full game--sadly, no.

The Pros
  • Beautiful world

  • Engaging story and characters

  • Interesting sets of skills (and skill cooldowns) that require using various tactics during combat

  • I'm on a Mac, and this game does work using Wine

The Cons
  • Unbalanced battle: the battles are all extremely difficult, particularly what turned out to be the end battle. If it wasn't for mom's free healing, I never would have made it through.

  • Money and Pricing: There are very few ways to earn money. You might get lucky and get a drop in battle that you can sell, but more often than not, there is no drop after the battle--and monsters do not respawn. You also get no money when you defeat enemies. On top of that, the pricing in stores is very high. I had no way to buy any sort of healing items and couldn't even upgrade weapons and armor for all my characters.

  • This is just a small, nit-picky thing, but there are no setting options for controls. This also means that in order to dash, you have to continually hold the shift key down.

  • Another small thing is that the menu is a little quirky. You can't (at least not that I found) just go under gear, status, etc. and look at all characters. When you hit escape, it takes you back to the main menu, and you then have to go back into the area you want in order to then select the next character

However, most of the above things can be tweaked, and the story is very engaging. Hopefully, there will be a full-length game because I'd love to see more of both the characters and story.