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Please note: though this game is made in RPG Maker Ace, it was designed to be player with a mouse, because of this some events will only activate through use of clicking with your mouse and many other features are designed with this in mind. I do not plan on changing the structure to work any other way.

Mycroft Holden is an inspector for the International Division… well, not yet exactly. Every inspector is expected to pass a certification test first, but unfortunately quite a few extenuating circumstances have been holding Mycroft back. Will this finally be his chance, or is something else waiting just to get in the way?

Note: there is now an updated version available through the downloads page: I won't be making it the main download due to this being a contest game and people possibly preferring to play the contest version instead, but if you want to play a fixed up version there is now one available.

There's also a scaled fullscreen function if you press F5 (it's probably not pretty looking, though)

The game itself has about four different endings (I'm not sure they can all be gotten within an hour; I don't expect the judges to do so, since the story is fairly well explained after getting two or three)

I just wanted to also add that though the game's story isn't as tightly complete as it probably should or has as much gameplay for some to actually consider it a "game" I personally consider it finished enough for the contest and got what I wanted out of this experience so far (having fun making a working experience that hopefully other will enjoy as much as I did creating it. I also want to play as many as the entries I can to see all the amazing variety of games this contest has brought to life)

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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Please tell me you're working on a sequel called Irrational Secrets: Internal Struggle.
game crashed about 10 minutes in. Looked good, but I dont want to risk more crashes
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