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Update 15 : First technical demo available, Sprites!

  • Wano
  • 07/13/2016 11:59 AM

Hi! Today I'm giving you a first technical demo of the engine. You can start testing your game with your own graphics. There are missing a lot of future functions, but I'm still working on!

If you have any problem please report it on the forum or by mail (Wanok.rpm@gmail.com). Be also awared that this version is not really great optimised so FPS can go down fast if you put a large number of sprites on map.

Here is the list of what have been done this week :

-Grid display improved
-Resizing map : delete portions when smaller
-Improving autotiles tin paint (FINISHED), mix floors and autotiles
-Keyboard problems
-Save/Copy map on treemap
-Perform mouse picking for floors (different heights)
-Add sprites (fix, face, double, quadra and on floor)
-Delete them with mouse picking
-Loading bars while creating a project, loading a map, or drawing autotiles or floors tin paint
-Camera ratio when map resized
-A lot of debug

I had fun with Paper Mario ressources and made this :

I need to do a Paper Mario fan-game with that engine one day! :D

See you next week! I'll work on 3D objects and blocks.


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I will try it out.
AWESOME WORK! :D Love the screenshots. Good job!
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