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NEWS: 1.3.0 & 1.3.1 patch release available!

  • Wano
  • 09/09/2019 09:19 PM

New features:

  • Documentation: event commands reorder correctly
  • Software huge code cleaning
  • Rotation for sprites and 3D objects

  • Mountains new option: force collision or non collision
  • Collisions manager: 3D objetcs and mountains
  • Choose number frames
  • New object reactions option: ignore the other received events when at least one is triggered
  • Object properties

  • Map properties: map startup reactions

  • Camera properties for map properties and battle maps

  • Detections

  • Title screen completion: video, commands list (new game, load game, options, quit, script), keyboard configuration

  • Objects moves (path when not reacting, speed, frequency)


  • Ingame windows choices work again with scroll up down
  • New class / hero / monster empty lists
  • Rename blocking hero to block hero when reaction
  • Time event not working
  • Remove copy reaction / paste reaction on objects (will be replaced by multiple commands selection)
  • Focus issues
  • Cancel collision window transform 3D objets
  • Import obj correction: ingame error + no texture crash + quads faces
  • No decimals when setting parameter value in objects
  • Crash when adding new model
  • Autotiles issue 48x48
  • Autotiles / Walls / Mountains issues in engine only for transparent parts


New features:

  • Custom shape previewer: show shape without texture


  • Ingame sound for Windows
  • Object linking issue: fix try (+ message error in case it happen again)
  • Ingame logs
  • Semi transparent sprite layer show what's behind wall
  • Semi transparent floor layered weird behavior
  • Ingame message error when use deleted class
  • Bug monster with empty loots
  • Custom object in 3D object previewer not correctly updated
  • Route: hide select object ID
  • Move random not ignoring when not possible
  • Reaction not pausing move route
  • Title screen script global variable $that
  • Rename enum options to settings in title screen commands
  • Send hero touch to detection self
  • Crash ingame when item none icon and empty description
  • 3D object center X Y issues duplication
  • Correction 3D object rotation: different behavior
  • Collisions 3D Object by default
  • Height issue going up too much high
  • Crash when empty reaction in condition/loop
  • Save states & properties ingame