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Compelling, addictive old school fun.

  • Mewd
  • 08/30/2007 10:57 PM
Hero's Realm is a massive game that, while having nothing really to offer in terms of story depth, more than compensates by having a simple, versatile and compelling combat system. It's a rare feat when a game makes level grinding fun for me, but Hero's Realm succeeds.

The balancing work is fantastic, in spite of a wealth of character classes and skills to choose from. The characters are one dimensional, the story nothing unpredictable, but this is more raw GAME than the vast majority of RPG Maker projects could dare to claim.

The version I played did have some bugs, but Kentona seems so swift to eradicate problems in each subsequent release that I expect the final version will be polished to perfection.

While I tend to appreciate atmosphere, narrative and characterization more than anything else in RPGs, I can not help but admire what Hero's Realm does gloriously: And that's the mechanics that make RPGs a game to begin with. Well done!


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Sounds like you really liked it. Why the 0 review?
This review predates ratings.
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