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Sacred Reviews: What the Hell??!!

"What the Hell??!!" was a game being developed by blazebat using RPG Maker 2003 whose life began back in October of 2015. Or at least the game was added to the site on October 19th, 2015. Though when this project was thrown overboard and left to drown in the ocean's dark depths is less clear to me. I suppose I could try sleuthing around and see if blazebat made a post or status announcement about this project, but I'm not sure I'll get that lucky twice in the same week. And at any rate it really doesn't matter when this game was left to rot since it's comedy style is in the vain of old youtube stars like FRED. In other words this game relies on random lol! humor. And much like the dinosaurs that style of comedy largely went extinct as people began to realize it really wasn't that funny.

As a result your ability to enjoy this game will largely boil down to if you still enjoy random lol! humor or not. If you don't like it than you'll at best find this game a boring chore to get through and at worst find this game so awful you'll want to kick back and chug a bunch of beer in hopes you'll forget you ever tried this one.

Outside of the game's many attempts at trying to be funny because the hero destroyed the world or suffered a grisly fate that's completely out of proportion to the decision that was made. The game also features a few battles using the standard combat system that comes with RPG Maker 2003. As a result battles feel a little more sluggish than necessary in my opinion. And considering enemies always engage the player in a one on one fashion. The combat would probably go faster if it was strictly turn-based and didn't include the active-time battle system found in so many Final Fantasy games.

To make matters worse the game's only boss goes down faster than one of the generic enemies you run across in the game's only dungeon. And why Santa is now stealing panties and why his thefts are a threat to the world is beyond me. I suppose it's just part of the game's attempts at comedy that just fall flat for me.

I suppose I could talk about the game's only noticeable original asset and how horrible it looks, but I'm not sure it's worth criticizing when I'd argue this game should simply be skipped over on the grounds that it will never actually be finished and it's attempts at comedy tend to be so off the mark that it doesn't even feel like blazebat's trying to hit the target. At least that's my perception when it comes to this game's comedy style.


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Thank you very much for the review. I honestly forgot about the existence of this site or this abomination the for the last several years. Maybe if I hadn't spent 2/3 of the development time creating a long chain of pointless ways to mess up getting on the ship (and subsequently sinking it and/or blowing up the city again), this would've been more than just a demo.

I 100% agree with you that this game project is absolutely an unredeemable horrendous mess, and please accept my apologies that you actually played it. And thank you that you did.
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