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Heeey everybody, I'm here with exciting news! (what I think is exciting anyways)
DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES got a massive update on many, many levels! I'm updating the main download now and it sure be available soon.

I urge anyone who has played to please give the new version a spin if you can and see how you like all the additions and fixes. As this is how I see DZ as a Director's Cut version because it has a lot of things I wanted to add originally. Included in that list is:

More enemies! There's now an addition of robots and raiders! Yay! Diversity!
Music doesn't loop and changes with settings
A whole new Light Rail station to explore as well as more buildings are explorable now!
Balancing with enemies, stats and items.
Added a new Follower to be recruited!
Two additional merchants have been added to North City Ruins
There's now two more quests to do(you still have to only complete three to continue)

Annd good news is that DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES! is back in production and I hope to add a lot more content as I originally planned without cutting it awkwardly short.

Well, that's all I can think of right now so until next time! Be on the look out for more screenshots and development soon!

Thank you and please let me know what you think of the new version! :)


Early Completion! Future Projects Ahead!

Hey everyone, I know this might come as a surprise but I'm officially labeling DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES! as Completed!
I had bigger goals for this game but now I look at it as a learning tool for VX ACE and now I am moving on to a quite frankly similar project.

And that is...

Resident Evil : Road to Raccoon City

An RE fan game!

I'll be releasing a gamepage and DEMO soon, I'm very excited about this project and fun fact, I started it on New Years day! So progress has been exceptionally fast.
After working on DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES! I really found my nook and confidence in the gameplay, script use, and art style for a game I have always wanted to make and that is a Resident Evil fangame!

DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES! is something I might come back to one day as my own unique title but that will be when I have a team of graphic artists, coders and musicians for a commercial project.

So until then!

Thank you everyone who has shown support, and please I would love your continued support onto my next game, and if you like DZ! then this will be right for you!

Big shout out to luiishu535! for bug testing and feedback, helped a lot bro! :D

Another honorable mention is the almighty kumada, a big supporter and tester for quite some years now for all my zombie projects. :)

And anyone who left feedback or showed support, it's all greatly appreciated!

This is going to be a great New Year! Already have a completed game under my belt and well under my way into a second :P

And to note, both Downloads have been updated with the current release!



Episode One Complete & Ready for Testing!



I'm happy to say I met my goals for the completion of episode one by a longshot! Development has been fast paced and progression is coming way too smoothly.
I know working with RM2003 for so long that it feels nice to be able to do simple thing simply and that's what VX ACE allows, from Falco's ABS(which has been a dream of mine since I started making games was an action based system) to V's easy plug and play card game gambling system!

It's all has gone really well and I've definitely enjoyed myself with this one.
So, some FEATURES of the episode one release is three quests, one boss, two secrets, two available followers, three shops and gambling!
There's also the end and when Episode Two is available will have a save file to pass over to the later release.


I'm going to start working on Episode Two soon after some extensive bug testing for Episode One, so if ANYONE wants to be a play tester, let me know! Send me a message or comment here. I'd love a second set of eyes and you will also get to play first hand releases and updates!


Thank you to my subscribers and those who have given feedback so far, I really appreciate any and all support and criticisms and hope you enjoy Episode One!

Progress Report

Four Classes, Four Starting Locations and four different playthroughs!


I'm feeling my lucky number right now is 4!

My main goal with DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES! is replayability and fun romp in a sandbox world. So one of my first things was to work on giving variety to each game for every player, where no playthrough would be the same.
I've implemented four unique classes down to stats, skills and equipment as well as giving the option to four different starting locations within the first area. (which is massive)
Some other things that vary by your character class choice is where Followers can be located. Items dropped and placement of special infected and random hordes also vary with each playthrough.
Each class brings something different in a certain area with differing loot drops!

I'm also actively expanding on maps or making indoor buildings accessible so exploration will prove more interesting each location being a look into the past.
Also in the works is survivor notes and diary type letters and books that can be found and read to strengthen the setting and atmosphere.

This is a small progress report and brainstorm session, so thanks for reading!


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