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This game was in RPG VX Forums which was taken down. Currently, this game is reuploaded and open-source, but please do not simply get things here as this is unencrypted.

My personal comments on this game:

This game by itself has the following features:

1. Many and Creatively-made Skills
2. Many Animations
3. Good Mapping

Being the very first RPG game I made, it has the following weaknesses:

1. Large Filesize (~288MB)
2. Not-so-good Plot (In my opinion...)
3. Lag (Happens at the latter part of the game...)

Download link here...

My very first RPG game is now v1.11 thanks to a player somewhere in Earth, with the username of “Bgamer” who tested my game and reported the bugs to me.

In this world of Mercanova, darkness dominated in the hearts of the people. There was no peace; good people lived restlessly and eventually let evil prevail over them. Upon the birth of the Dark Angel, there was this boy Narrus, who was there at the very moment of birth, and swore to find its cause and bring to an end this dominion of darkness. His childhood friend, Hidan, was together with him in his adventure. The first arrived at Aire Town, and met a mysterious man namd Khan. Khan told them that he knew everything from the start and told them to go to the capital city and see the princess. Soon, Rein, the princess of the kingdom of Utopia joined them. While on their journey, they rescued Velvet from the hands of a monster; thus, Velvet joined the team. After they went to the gigantic library in the capital of St. Louie, they saw that prophecies foretell that a ferocious comapanion of the Dark Angel, named Atlas, would be set free from his sealed chamber. The one who will set him free with his devastating plages would be Hiroto, who was a legendary warrior and the person who sealed Atlas. Not for long, the Artarians launched a full scale invasion against Utopia. Estenna was the head general under the command of the Artarian king who was manipulated by the Dark Angel. The Utopian king sent the five of them to quell the assault. Suddenly, Atlas entered the battlefield and killed everybody, but fortunately, Narrus, Rein, Hidan, Velvet, Estenna Estenna explained the circumstances, and eventually, joined the team. As they all made their way to Artaria, they encountered two people that have just came from Vieru. The first was Jiro, the thief who stole properties from the capital city of St. Louie in Utopia but was eventually caught and jailed. The second was the Utopian king’s beloved adviser, Madarashi. Unfortunately, Madarashi and Jiro needed help from the team because the very same thing happened to the king of Vieru. Velvet joined Madarashi’s team. Madarashi, Velvet, Jiro and Yuki who joined them, went to Vieru to stop the dark reign of the Vieru king. On the other hand, Narrus, Rein, Hidan, Estenna went to Artaria and stopped the dark reign of the Artarian king. When they went to Estenna’s house they encountered Hiroto, who was freed from the control of Dark Angel. They found out that the Flor village that the Dark Angel destroyed became his base for world domination. Finally, they stopped the Dark Angel and "lived happily ever after".


The world is named Mercanova. There are three main continents: Utopia, Artaria and Vieru. Utopia is located on the southwestern region. Artaria is located on the eastern region. Vieru is the snowy continent located on the northern region.

The capital of Utopia is in St. Louie. Other towns include Flor Village, Upsilon Town, Aire Town, and a town located at the Midrain Valley. Midrain Valley is surrounded by the Nagentar Mountains, which have north, south, east and west exits. In other words, Nagentar Mountains lies on the heart of the continent. In the southern region lies Infinity Forest.

The capital of Artaria is in Navah. Another town in there is Blossom Town. The Silent Woods is at the entrance of the continent from the ship port, which is to the east of the capital. On the west of the capital lies the Brakken Mountains which leads to the highest mountain and the deadliest volcano, Mt. Blaze.

Snow covers the continent as it is located at the northern part of the world. The capital of Vieru is in Shirou City. Another town includes Epsilon Town. The Shiver Woods is an icy forest that connects Epsilon Town to Shirou City. On the west of the capital, there lies the Glacial Spire which was abandoned for countless years.

In this world, darkness dominated in the hearts of the people. They did evil things in those days; there were gluttony, vices, lust, theft, corruption, dishonesty, betrayal, and many other countless works of evil. No one tried to do something good; people killed each other, betrayed each other, and they only thought of themselves, not for others. Leaders of the society were very corrupt; they ignored their people and did things in their own way. There was no peace; good people lived restlessly and eventually let evil prevail over them. The Flor village is a perfect example for it because no one heeded to Narrus and Hidan’s warnings of arrival of the Dark Angel.

Narrus – He is the son of Khan (soon to be known as Harry as real father). He lives in Utopia with his neighbor and friend, Hidan. His father disappeared when he was young, one night in the forest. He is the protagonist of the story.
Rein – She is the princess of Utopia, but isn’t known to the people because her father usually lets her stay confined in her quarters in the castle.
Hidan – He is the friend of Narrus and his personality is the rash and impatient type. Still, he is very energetic in adventures.
Velvet – She is a girl who lives in Midrain Valley in Utopia. She was in danger with a monster, and that’s where Narrus and his team rescued her.
Estenna – She is the head general of the Artarian army during the Artarian invasion against Utopia.
Jiro – He is the cunning and swift thief who beat up the guards as he stole properties from Utopia.
Yuki – She is a girl who lives in Epsilon City in Shirou.
Madarashi – He is the honorable sage of the king of Utopia.
Hiroto – He is the legendary warrior that sealed Atlas, but because of the Dark Angel’s manipulation, he set Atlas free.
Dark Angel – Soon to be known as Gethen, he is the antagonist of the story and he bears pure evil.
Atlas – He is the spreader of plagues and a “friend” of the Dark Angel.
Amun Ra – He is the “demon form” of the king of Shirou.

Graphics: LexusX, Enterbrain/Tsukuru, Mack, NexusAlpha, Celianna
Skills: NexusAlpha
Story: NexusAlpha
Music: from Grand Chase, Odin Sphere, Code Geass, Dae Jang-geum, Final Fantasy, Inazuma Eleven, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Tsubasa Chronicles
SFX: Enterbrain
Scripts: Woratana, Yanfly, GB Production, KGC, OriginalWij, Mr. Anonymous, modern algebra, ERZENGEL, TOMY, Mithran, BulletXt, Toby Zerner, Shanghai, Reedo, NAMKCOR, Rockleedude, Jet10985, FenixFyreX, Minto, Star, Jet
Animations: NexusAlpha, Cyrus, Blaziruku
Inspirations: Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Sands of Destruction, Tales of Fantasy XVIII, Spellbinder, Nexus, Odin Sphere (PS2)

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Just tried out your game. Played it for about 45 minutes.

First off, let me say that I actually really like how your game starts up. I think this is the first time I have seen a title screen done like that and I thought it really worked. Secondly, you did a great job mapping from what little I played.

But, honestly I really couldn't get into to it. Here are a couple suggestions I would make to you.

First off, don't use Final Fantasy music for your battles. I know, they are good songs. But, EVERYONE recognizes them and it just detracts from the fact that this is YOUR game. Also, why did you feel the need to make a different Final Fantasy song for every random encounter??? It seems like you weren't sure which Final Fantasy song to use so you thought, "Ehh...i'll use them all". You should probably find some battle music from either a lesser known game or a composer online. There are plenty of guys that make free music for use in games and a lot of them are pretty good. Find a good one and use that one for most of your random encounters. Or, if you do want to put in multiple songs that play, stick to 2 or 3 good ones. Not like an entire playlist of them.

Secondly, I see what you were going with for the battle system. It looks like you are a fan of Grandia. But, the battle system just doesn't work in it's present state. It just seems too glitchy and it is really awkward that commands do not lock in while you are going from when you select your command to when the command goes off. Also, why do you have the first set of battles with enemies that constantly stun you. The whole first set of battles consisted of me attacking the flowers. Then, getting stunned for 5 seconds 2 or 3 times before my moves went off. While the enemies did a mere 1 damage to me. Then, when I get to the second area, suddenly the same flowers kill me in 2 hits. Not a great first impression.

Third, never have the first quest in the game be "Talk to every NPC in town". Especially when they are constantly moving around and they all have nothing important to say. Also, why have characters repeat the same line of dialog for EVERY conversation with the NPCs??

Those three things just caused me to lose interest really fast. The start of your game should catch peoples interest. Those first 15-30 minutes of a game are the key to getting people to play your game. I loved the title screen and the intro was decent. But, once the actual game started I lost interest very quickly.

P.S. Please don't take this the wrong way. Just trying to give you a little advice.
Just tried out your game. Played it for about 45 minutes.

First off, let me say that I actually really like how your game starts up. I think this is the first time I have seen a title screen done like that and I thought it really worked. Secondly, you did a great job mapping from what little I played.

But, honestly I really couldn't get into to it. Here are a couple suggestions I would make to you.

Thank you :) I appreciate your advice. :) I knew that this game really isn't nice (since I was just exploring back then), so I tried my best to avoid those things you mentioned in my subsequent projects...
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts
bold=what i consider important
other=random thoughts

Amazing title screen!
it gave me a idea of different realms for each path! like...
load=a wasteland/limbo
end game=hell

No! for the love of what ever you believe in man DO NOT EVER HAVE AUTO SKIPPING DIALOG!

the skip option should start after the tutorial battle

what is the point of the top left bar? it seems to have the same function as the ATB bar.
rather the atb bar shouldn't exist as the top bar covers that and the enemies turn.

you can choose difficulty and switch at any time! :D

quest script :D!

i hate equipping skills its a terrible idea just adds unnecessary actions


i don't know why the towns people are acting like this
i don't get why your acting like this
i don't get why you are trying to save them

wow...that fat rich bastard survived the death zone attack!

...Narrus is a annoying character...

why the hell do i start with 2 weapons that i cannot equip!?
in fact theres alot of weapons you cant equip and should be able to.

FF music... ...

something is very wrong with the ally follow script...

we cannot even equip anything from the weapon store in the 2nd town!?
and we already own a good amount of the stuff the armor person has

i don't want to switch characters...especially with the way the UI is :/

....this game has dialog from his other game >.> SoF :/

rather then having every pointless character say something...don't have them say anything.
like in the castle...its so retarded to have every guard and princess say the same thing...

sigh...narrus walks in on jiru and asks who he is "again"...
why would anyone say that here? he never met him nor was he ever told about him...

a girls screaming and the heros somehow see her thru 3+ walls...

Narrus- he says more stupid things out loud "i love books! there is one here. let me read this" to himself...

the king orders your group to stop a full scale assault while he sits on his ass and doesn't use his army i am fucking done!

a thing to negate random encounters would of made it more bearable but still...
the story and characters are really meh.

General 1H 25M dropped (no motivation to finish)
the plot and characters were not enjoyable.
the battles were tedious
UI is a bit tedious and pointless
immersion destroying glitches

Better then shadows of fate imo but still would not recommend.
@shayoko Thank you very much! Will make the necessary adjustments to improve this game and the future games I make... :)
The whole first set of battles consisted of me attacking the flowers. Then, when I get to the second area, suddenly the same flowers kill me in 2 hits. Not a great first impression.

Game uses ATB and turns go by VERY FAST, with no option to set it to Wait. Cant go 2 feet in the second forest without some flower twoshotting me and that's about as far as I get. Game also froze sometimes so I get the feeling theres probably more glitches down the road.
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