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1+ year of silence and the future of Epheria

Hi. It's been... a long time. I'll keep this short and to the point. 2019 was a year of major setbacks for my personal life, but I'm slowly getting back on track and Epheria with it.

Unfortunately the game's original artist isn't available to continue so I've spent two years seeking someone to fill that role. I've found someone and frankly her work is incredible. (Her contact info is at the end of the blog.)

2020 will see work resuming on Epheria in full swing, and once Act One is fully fleshed out and all the art is done, I'll be publishing it more. My goal is to have the full game done by 2022.

Long wait but hey, time makes the heart grow fonder.

Here's to Epheria in 2020.

New Artist: https://crystaltowerart.weebly.com/


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Keep up the great work, and don't let the pain wear you down - use it to thrive instead. I will patiently wait for the complete game's release as long as it takes. Also, I will gladly shelter your new female closet nerd artist if the Brexit gets in the way of development. :D
My mind is full of fuck.
I got the previous one downloaded, but not v2.3. As the link isn't working.
I appreciate your words greatly. And that version is... so outdated that the arts aren't in the files I believe.
YOU LIVE!!! Excited to see this game hasn't died off yet. Keep it up mister!
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