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The lands of Ariathale are suffering because of a terrible energetic crisis. It seems that the Risan Health society has discovered a misterious red crystal that could end this emergency. Join Seth and his companions, travel the ruined world of Ariathale and discover the mystery behind the enigmatic red crystal.

A 100% FREE J-RPG videogame developed by a J-RPG Fan for J-RPG fans!
A compelling story about honor, friendship, betrayal and love
40+ hours of gameplay
19 playable and memorable characters
Many sidequests and minigames
Classic ATB Battle System
Winner of 10 Misaos Awards (2019) ( https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/25014/ )

- Synopsis -

Year 2310.
The world of Ariathale, a planet fueled by the power of Atlas, a mysterious versatile mineral, is facing a heavy crisis period due to mankind's greed.
Many years ago, the planet was filled with these crystal stones, but people started abusing it and the world fell into a state of recession.
The leaders of all ariathalian states met in the Tower-City of Halderos, the most important and rich city of all Ariathale, to decide the future of the planet.
In order to maintain the remaining Atlas resources, those leaders decided to ban the Atlas Technology until they'd find a new energy source capable of substitute the Atlas.
The story begins with Seth, an ex-imperial guard of the Levizoan Empire, escaping from his former comrades.
They are after him because Lord Meister, vassal of the Emperor, thinks that Seth is linked to the potential solution to the Crisis, but the young runaway doesn't want to return to the Vanguards Castle.

- Character descriptions -

To avoid spoilers, I'll show you only 4 of the 19 playable characters of the game! : )
Seth Sheridan:
Seth is a young man tormented by his past. What happened 2 years ago is the cause of his flee from the imperial guards of Reyel: the Vanguards. Lord Meister, vassal of the Emperor, thinks that Seth is linked to the potential solution to the Crisis: a mysterious Red Crystal.

Rudra is an old varzan (wolf-man) of the Marut clan, a shamans and hunters tribe. He was the clan's chief. His life was based on hunt and pray, but something happened to the clan. A rival tribe attacked the Maruts killing everyone even though they were less than them. Rudra says that they won because they used a strange Red Crystal with arcane powers. He follows Seth to discover the origin of this mysterious crystal.

Ferion is a Maverick, a group of rebels that opposes the Halderos Treaty, the treaty that banned the technology. He and his friends use the forbidden technology to help the people of Reikan Empire. He seems to be linked to the Scarlet Wyrms, a dangerous group of criminals looking for the Red Crystal.

A reserved girl that possesses a strange item that seems to be the potential solution of the Crisis. This item is one of the Red Crystals that both the Empires and the Scarlet Wyrms are looking for, and for this reason she will be involved in the adventure. Nadia is considered a witch by the people of her town, because she is the only one that can use Magic, a source of energy that disappeared many centuries ago.

- Features Overview -
Theia is a classic J-RPG game, so we have characters with Level, Experience, HPs, and so on. Characters level-up killing enemies, etc etc.
These are the main gameplay features:
40+ hours of gameplay (about 25-30 of main story, and 10 of subquests, secondary events and minigames)
14 subquests
12 trophies / achievements
5 (6?) different endings

- Characters -

The playable characters of Theia are 19. Each character enters the party with "Guest" condition. As the story progresses, some of them will find a reason to remain with Seth and then lose the condition. A Guest character cannot change his weapons and can't learn new skills.

- Weapon Upgrade and Atlas Shards System -

Each non-guest character has 3 or 4 weapons that can be created and upgraded by using crafting materials.
Many weapons are crafted with Atlas Technology, so the played can insert Atlas Shards inside the weapons to gain bonuses. These weapons also have Atlas Synergies, that unlock extra bonuses according to the equipped shard. This system resembles FFVII's Materia System.

- Skills, Ability Points -

The characters don't learn and upgrade skill by leveling up, but by using Ability Points (AP), a pool of points shared by all the characters.

- Exceed Technique -

The classic Limit Break. Each character has a bar to fill during the combat. When the bar is filled, the Exceed Technique, a powerful attack or buff, can be used. Each character fills the bar using a specific battle command (we can see this command in the Status Menu). Each character has his unique EX-Technique. At the end of a battle, the Exceed bar will empty.

- Mastery and Mastery Skills -

In the right side of the battle screen, there is the Mastery Bar: a special bar that charges up by using aggressive commands such as Attack and Skills, and unloads by defending or using items. The more the bar is loaded, the more bonuses we will receive at the end of the battle depending on the characters we are using. Each characters grants a bonus (EXP, AP, money, HP or SP recovery). We can also use this bar to apply passive bonuses by activating Mastery Skills.
The Mastery Skills are special passive skills unlockable by using APs, that grants bonuses during the combat. We can "equip" a Mastery Skill in the Skill Menu and set it at Level 1, 2 or 3. Obviously, the skills is more powerful at Level 3, but it is also more difficult to charge up the Domain Bar until it reaches the selected level.

- Camp -

While traveling in the World Map, the player can access to the Camp, where he can talk to the other party members and increase (or decrease) their stats, learn new infos about the lore and the characters, and also gain new skills that can be used in combat.

- Hunts -

During the adventure, the player may find Hunting Guilds that allows him to hunt down powerful enemies to gain rare items and equipments. The functioning is similar to FFXII's Hunts.

Latest Blog

New videos by german and spanish players!

Hi guys, now that the german and spanish versions of the game are online, some new players started Let's Play series and streams on Youtube and Twitch!
(In german and spanish, of course ^^)

Eternal Games (German)

Koshirano (German)

KeruPuu (Spanish)


author=But when I had to do the drinking contest against Gallian, my game completely froze.

That's strange. Usually people have lag issues in the parts with "rotating pictures". That's the first time someone says that it freezes during the drinking contest. Have you had lag problems elsewhere?

author=The story doesn't do a lot to really keep you interested

I'm sorry, dude ^^"
You're still in chapter 2 (of 13) and it gets better later, I guess... but if you're not invested enough just stop playing.
The story is slow to start, that’s true. That said, I think you’re expressing your opinion on 10% of the overall story, if you stopped playing there, so there’s that. It does get a lot more engaging as you progress (and I mean *a lot*)
It lagged during the raining part in the beginning. But it shouldn't lag with 12 gigs of ram. I'm going to try again. Just wanted to give my thoughts up to this point. I never meant to offend anyone.
No, no offense taken, don't worry. I wonder how it lags so much in that parts... As I said, it usually lags when there are big rotating pictures, but I removed most of them. And there is no rotating picture in the intro part... at least not in the raining part.

author=But it shouldn't lag with 12 gigs of ram.

Unfortunately RPG Maker 2003 sucks at everything because it isn't optimized, so you can have tons of ram and whatsoever but it can keep lagging in some parts. :,(
RPG marker 2003 has problems with multicore computers
Beyond that, it is beautifully made.

Thanks a lot! Let me know if you'll give it another shot ^^
Been awhile since I've played an rmn game, especially one this well made. Figured I'd leave my thoughts here. I fully S ranked the game, although it would of been nice if I could select an area and it told me how many chests/gaia shards were left. Could be something for your next project. Anyways, I'll start with the bugs. I didn't try to actively test as I just wanted to enjoy the game, but I still ran into a couple.

1. I've no idea how to replicate this but I broke the battle system once. It thought a character had a turn when their atb bar wasn't full. It could of been a multitude of things between as simple as me trying to choose who I wanted to go first (I think it happened at the early stage of a battle), or an enemy action could have done it. Probably not worth tracking down and I had a recent save when it happened, but I figured I'd note it regardless.

2. If you press shift while talking to the alchemist you can glitch the menu. It sort of backs out while having the menu cover up your screen. Fixable by talking to her again. I initially found this because I was wondering if I could press shift to get like a description of her items (particularly in the unique section) so that I knew what I was buying. Would of been nice to have that in the arena as well, although after using the save/reload trick to check them all, I have no idea why you'd buy anything that isn't the epic garb. It's just way too op and made me skip the character uniques.

Anyways on to my thoughts. I'll toss this section in spoiler tags. so that I can go into more depth. It got wordier than intended so be ready for that. Some of it's probably me nitpicking a bit though.

The writing was really well done. Having read the e-books as well as the action figures, I can tell this game received a major overhaul that was well worth the effort. I'd say it's even better written than some commercial games as there were some things I didn't even predict. I'd say the major one was the twist with grant. There were multiple things that made me not suspect him. First is his personality at the time which showed no hint of a dark side. Secondly is the fact he was playable in a section (not commonly done), and finally because of the ladermis section (I probably spelt that wrong). Because of the red glow I thought it was the oricalcon influencing the prince. I think the fact that you kept the twists well hidden, as well as not being afraid to wound/kill off characters worked in your favor here too.

Characters: Again well written so not much to say on that front. I've seen some comments on the balancing in the comments so I wanted to touch on that a bit. I think in some ways they work fine, as they each only cover certain enemy weaknesses, and during the party splits this wasn't a problem. The ferion/nimrod section comes to mind against the golem type enemy. I generally find ferion to be really weak again bosses, but antitank does make him useful in the event that you are fighting a golem. I generally thought most characters were fine for their sections of the game, but sort of fell off in the final chapter where it made sense to just pick some of the stronger characters that can cover most things. I think one reason this happened is due to the sheer amount of playable characters. I enjoyed having them, but it's also hard to balance that many characters around end game. One thing I do want to add is I kind of wish the mage type characters basic attack did damage based off their spirit instead of their strength. The game tossed out tons of sp items even on hard mode so it wasn't that much of an issue, but I think it would of helped dale some as she had 0 offense capabilities. Truly op healer though with aoe heal and a medidate option so this is probably more of a nitpick than anything. Not even sure if it's possible in 2k3. It mostly bugged me in random encounters where I didn't need healing.

Gameplay: I went more in depth than I intended in the character section. I enjoyed the battle system as well as the weapon/gear system. One thing I disliked is the jamming sections though. Not so much the intended purpose as the fact that I had to remember what I had to equip after the section ended. I'm not sure how hard it would of been to equip the last thing that was equipped after the section ended. There were times I even forgot to re-equip my stuff. My other nitpick here is the fact borghetti didn't sell any type of normal armor that isn't related to weapon slots. I had my seth setup a certain way and his equipped weapon didn't have a defensive slot. I was having a little trouble with the 1 on 1 duel with horus and the only way to get any type of lightning resistance was to change my weapon since borghetti didn't have an armor section. I was too stubborn to change my weapon so I equipped him with an octopus for the slow resistance and won that way. At the level I fought horus my self heal at max level healed around 800 I think, whereas horus's lightning move did around 1080 I think. I also really liked the camp feature, but I felt like I didn't really get a new camp section that often. Would of been a nice touch to let the other party groups set up a camp too I think. One other thing that would of been nice is if npcs got updated every so often (maybe once a chapter if you can revisit a town you've been too. I'm the type that likes to explore and checks for that sort of touch. Rip that poor guard who is still on his first day in the castle even though it's the final chapter.

Endings: Gameplay section got wordy so I'll talk about these here. The portion leading up to the ending was impressively made. I have no idea how you scripted all of that in 2k3 but I enjoyed it. Too bad it wasn't an actual battle with seth in that form, but I can live with that because that section was great. I really like that you added npcs I could use to switch endings, as I probably would not have replayed huge sections of the game right away to get those. I do think this made it more obvious that the martia/natia endings where you choose to be the vassal are basically the same dialog wise which was a little unfortunately. The different backgrounds were nice though. Also not sure how I felt about the natia ending where seth just ditches everybody. The martia one was fine as it felt like he was trying to make amends, but in the natia one where he straight up disappears from everyones lives and doesn't really seem to be doing anything but wandering...that felt a little bit uncharacteristic of him to me. I'd almost preferred another not-vessel clone ending I think. I'll touch on the 99 shard ending here too. Having a demo for a possible sequel was interesting, but the way it played was a bit weird. Using the hamster didn't really feel that obvious to me, and the first puzzle section with the spikes felt like rng to me. I didn't get the same spike rotation every single time, and sometimes the spikes would stay up too long and make it actually not possible to beat the timer. I did like most of the section, but the gameplay just didn't feel very fleshed out to me.

Music/assets: Not much to say here. You chose from a good selection of games. I know custom is really hard to do (I'm no artist myself) so I think that route was fine. I enjoyed the music selection.

Minigames: Most of these were fine. I one shot all the required minigames. I could not beat the drinking game though. I've never been great with button spamming on a keyboard, but I may of been able to manage it with a controller. In the end I didn't bother after I googled the reward.

There aren't many rmn games that I rate highly, but I'd say this is up there as one of my favorites now. Not to give the wrong impression here as I do think most of the smaller games are fine and are decently made, but those don't give me the same feeling as a well made game with a good length to it.
Thanks a lot! I'll try to answer you point by point

I'm glad you liked the Grant twist. I think it's a bit predictable, but whatever ^^

The characters: yes... they're not balanced at all. After 5 years I finally can see every mistake I made with this game. I should've balanced the characters better. Obviously the number of playable units makes the balance process a bit harder than it should XD
I'll do better next rime.
The jamming section are sh*t. I wanted to add a thrill to the characters' customization, but the jamming is frustrating without automatic equipment after finishing the jammed section.
The Camp: now I'd probably make everything differently. I designed the camp with only Seth speaking with other party member, so I made the camp available only when Seth is in the party. That wasn't a good idea. Maybe I should've made something like putting some scenes between various characters and strengthen their bonds, and not only Seth speaking with X.
Endings: I dislike ending A and C, so I agree with you XD
Music: I think they're good... unfortunately it's all a "rip" work. One day I'll have original music for my games ^^"
Minigames: I guess they're... fine. I could make some more interesting minigames. I'll do better in the future.

Thanks again! : )
Well, to be honest, I still can't move on from this game. This game is too good! I'm looking forward for the next project! :D
no puedo creer lo maravilloso que es este juegazo! Hacia mucho que no me emocionaba tanto un final en un videojuego, la historia es tan buena que siempre pedia mas. Sinceramente felicito de corazon a los desarroladores, esta es una obra que no tiene nada que envidearle a las grandes producciones.Ojala sigan haciendo juegos como este. Saludos desde Argentina.
@Asuya @cocotero23

Thanks a lot to both of you :D
I'm really glad you liked it. I hope I can release something new soon! ^^
One of the best game i ever played, thanks !
Just started playing and am wondering wether or not you get to fight the first "Big Atlas Cloud" at a later time (once you have your wolfy guest, you cant really return to it) or if I'm supposed to grind out some levels for the main character to stand a chance, and, if that is the case, if I am just supremely unlucky or the standart mobs in the area dont drop any healing items.

I'd also like to know what it's percentage chance to do the paralyze attack (instead of the bleeding one) is, bc I swear the game became self-aware and started mocking me with the order in which the paralysis attack happens and hits.

A swift reply would be appreciated ^^'

You can beat that big atlas fog later, if you want, even in late game ^^
The paralyzing bite blocks the character with a 70% success rate. It's a bit high and it's designed to be fought with at least two characters (three is better).
Yeh, I kinda figured I'd fight it right after I get the second character, but the sequence where you get him blocks you out of the area for now, which lead to me reloading just before I got him and trying on my own, getting my ass whooped xD

Thank you for the quick answer :)

This is a really great game! It's the best RM2k3 game I know at the moment. I'm not good at writing reviews, I guess, but usually I don't comment about games at all so it means something that I wrote about this being great^^

However, it's annoying and frustrating that the previous atlas equipment isn't restored after leaving the "Jamming" sections. I know why that is (because it's technically complicated to do in RM2k3), so I assume it's not a purposeful mechanic. Therefore, I created a fix for this problem.

Download this file and drop it into the "DynPlugins" folder of the game, and your previous atlas will be restored after leaving jamming sections (assuming you still own it): https://cherryshare.at/f/8L5Jxa/TheiaJammingFix.dll

There is just one tiny caveat: Synergies won't immediately become active again, but that will fix itself after the next battle and can easily be fixed manually before that by just entering and exiting the menu once.

@OnDead Games: Feel free to use and redistribute this. FYI it checks for items 198 and 199 and uses variable range 4201-4300 for storing previous equipment.

Oh by the way - there is a thought about a tiny detail that I wanted to share: In the scripted "battle" at the end, I was sorta waiting for a damage popup of that super-epic attack. Unfortunately there was none. I know this isn't an actual battle technically, but nonetheless I think it would have felt so satisfying to get a damage popup (as picture or whatever) like 1000000 or 9999999 or maybe even some random very-high number, especially since the rest of the scene is "dressed up" like a battle.

EDIT: Oh I realize only now that you, LolloRocketDiver are OnDead Games... I thought at first you are the English translator or something. Cool that you are around here!
The JammingFix doesn't seem to work for me, it would be a great plugin tho! (Especially the German community had so much problems with the Jamming sections XD)
I put the .dll file into the DynPlugins folder but it still didn't work... Am I missing something?
I see, seems it worked originally only on part of those sections because in other places the game actually unequips the equipment first, and then the fix was saving "no equipment" as last state.

I fixed that now - the download is updated, so whoever already downloaded the file should download it again please.

So, here again, even though it's the same link - download: https://cherryshare.at/f/8L5Jxa/TheiaJammingFix.dll

Also here is the source code for anyone interested: https://cherryshare.at/f/21orUf/TheiaJammingFix.cpp
author=This is a really great game! It's the best RM2k3 game I know at the moment. I'm not good at writing reviews, I guess, but usually I don't comment about games at all so it means something that I wrote about this being great^^

Well, this means A LOT to me. I mean... A LOT. XD
Thanks Cherry!
I'm downloading the plugin and I'll make an updated version of the game.