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Surprise: Release Date!!!

  • SPM
  • 06/13/2016 09:07 PM
Hello to all, it's been sometime since the last update, but I've been very busy working (I allways say that, and it's true, my job requires a great part of my life), but I've also been very busy working on THIS game, and I can tell that I have advanced A LOT, in this period.

I've advanced so much that I can actually confirm a release date. My objective is in three weeks, firmly the 4th of July. You may think this is sudden because in my last update I still had some work to do, but everything has been tied up pretty well, and I haven't had any moments of indecision, so I'm pretty happy everything has gone well and I could advance very constantly (at least in my opinion, most importantly it will be you guys who judge if it's been worth the while, surely hehehe).

Just to say, at this moment, everything is done except for a couple of things:

- The game initially was intended to have 3 endings, but I'm working on a 4th. The idea is pretty clear, but I have to think about a couple of things, yet. It will soon be done.

- I'm testing currently the game and resolving some flaws it had and estimating the duration (I maintain as told in the intro that it will probably be around an hour). I intend on releasing a pretty bugless version being the first one (although who knows what people can find, so it will definitely won't be final, of course), but I will be solving any problems anyone encounters from there. Apart from that, my intention is to make you guys actually test before, maybe, a pre-version of it, to make it more secure. I'll think of it, and if you guys actually want to really try it out first please contact me and I will consider.

Not much more to say, I still have to polish some things, of course, but I think this is really the final countdown for my second game!!! I am very excited and I hope you really enjoy this. I really appreciated all the gameplays and reviews of my first one (Darkest Dreams), and I hope this one goes more or less the same way. Just a brief clue for anyone interested (I really don't want to spoil too much): if you like Lovecraft and have an open mind I think you will really enjoy this. For newcomers to the Mythos legends I hope you appreciate it too, I truly think you will.

Stay tuned for some final updates before the release these days, see you around!!! ;)