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The current game I am making is a remake of the famous Resident Evil 3.5 which was originally cancelled by Capcom.

In 2004, the Umbrella Corporation's secretive activities within Raccoon City have become a public affair. Following an investigation conducted by the U.S. government, several Umbrella officials are implicated and prosecuted. The government indefinitely suspends Umbrella's business.

After surviving the Raccoon City viral outbreak, Leon S. Kennedy joins an anti bio-terrorism group and is sent to investigate an abandonned mansion in Europe which is beleived to have Bio Organic Weapon activities conducted by Umbrella, several reports say that the mansion is an Umbrella bio experimental research facility. The story takes Leon deep down into the heart of the Umbrella Corporation, and as he progresses throught the manor, things are becoming stranger as the time goes on.

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looking forward to this love resident evil are you anywhere near a demo
The demo will be coming in 1-2 months
The game "engine" has been remade. A new battle system has been introduced and I'm still working on some of the maps...
This game looks great, why so little exposure?
What do you mean? you're talking about the darkness and the maps being really dark? if you are, this is the main atmosphere of the game along with the background music and sounds.
I'm trying to reproduce this into an RPG Maker game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo_hMbJQeU4
So are you even trying to make this game now or what?
oh, that came off rude. Sorry. I'm looking forward to the game. You're going for what RE4 was going to be about, before the story rewitre that has Umbrella competely remove from the picture. very cool.
How much is there left to make? I just can't wait to play it, looks so damn awesome! Is there going to be a demo soon?
Please :((( Link to download demo PLEASE
That flashlight is amazing! This looks too good. You better finish this. :)
How is everything coming along? Will we see a demo in the near future?
Just subscribed. Has there ever been a demo to download of this?
Unfortunately, the maker of this game hasn't updated here in about two and a half years. It still looks cool so far, so I hope they haven't given up on this, but sadly, their long silence is discouraging. I'm really hoping that they will soon come back and continue updating this, or at least let us know that they've cancelled it.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
are their admins to remove dead threads?
this was started way back in 09...at least mark it as canceled seriously
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