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Patreon is open!

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking this out and sorry if you may perhaps get some double-notifications.

I've opened a Patreon for anyone wishing to support my work in that manner. I'm offering some pretty snazzy rewards that I hope to improve even more, so please check it out!

One thing that's for certain though is that Jasei and all of my other games will always be free, so please don't fret about that. c:

Progress Report

Talksprites! Name change? All the things!

I still like this game a lot, even though it's been a while since I've done anything with it. I've decided I'm going to make an update that'll include more fancy graphics, like talk sprites and perhaps a simple custom menu! Here's a preview image for the talksprites (sorry it's kind of large lol):

I originally intended for the game to have this kind of detail, but I had decided against it during production so I could just finish it while it was still relevant to the college course I was taking at the time. Now I'm really excited to try and give it the art it was supposed to have in the first place lol.

I also might change the name of this game so it'll be easier to find/reference/whatever. Jasei no In is my favorite title, but I'll be honest in that the romanization of the Japanese name is just not an intuitive thing for non-japanese speakers to remember. We'll see how that goes. :v


Jasei no In v.1.3 Full Game + Conversion Patch Released

As of this moment, the game is in version 1.3! The version includes all bugfixes from the changelog prior to this date. The download is available here.

I also released a v.1.3 Conversion Patch, for those who would prefer not to download the entire game just to update to v.1.3! That patch is located here.

As always, I will update the moment anything significant happens that I must change. :]

Progress Report

Jasei no In v.1.2 Patch Two Released

I'm a firm believer in patching everything immediately, rather than letting it sit for even a few minutes.

Patch TWO for v.1.2 has been released and is available on this site, and on the devblog.

Thanks go to this anon from the tumblr blog for alerting me of the bug. Thank you! :]

Progress Report

Jasei no In v.1.2

Since the last blog post, both the 1.2 patch and the 1.2 full game has been released for download. The download is linked here on RMN, and it's also linked on the devblog!

I'll continue to update this blog as patches or other important things come my way.

To those of you playing: should you encounter any bugs that can ruin the game, I highly recommend trying to contact me here first. If that's not possible or you're not comfortable with tumblr's format/message length, feel free to post it here on the game's comment section!

Progress Report

Jasei no In v1.1

So v1.1 is the fully playable and generally bug-free version of the game. There are still some bugs, but endings should be relatively achievable!

I will be releasing v1.2 + the patch for it within a few days if not tonight.
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