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There's a lot of good in life. You just have to look for it.

Kyme's searching for a fresh start in the city of Province. Will he find it among the eccentric residents and their whimsical adventures? Or will he get lost chasing his personal villain, a grand thief capable of stealing the blue from the sky, the voice of a singer, and even the very memory of what he stole, leaving you with nothing but an empty feeling?

Notes From Province is an Open World RPG focused on exploration and meeting people.

Start with a solid RPG, simmer lightly
  • Open world - no dead ends, only new things to see and treasure to find
  • Character driven story - even the battles have a story to tell
  • Crafting, cooking, fishing, dancing, finding a strange rat-loving man living in a hole under your neighbor's house

Mix in 2 cups tactical combat
  • 7 characters - with distinct styles and roles, swap-able mid combat
  • Equipment based customization - abilities and passives come from equipment that can be freely swapped to redefine characters
  • Enemies worth reacting to - each encounter has a plan to crush you unless you spot the weakness and counter

And season with a hint of Animal Crossing
  • Decorate and expand your house - a straight-faced, no nonsense man with rabbit ears will judge your furniture arrangement and award you accordingly
  • NPCs with lives - each villager has their own daily agenda, situational dialog, and a story to tell the more you get to know them

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Latest Blog

Major Update! New items, more furniture, combat updates, Steam support

This update focuses on player feedback and Steam support. Visit the Steam page to add the game to your library. Still completely free.

v1.1.0 Patch Notes

  • Improved quality of life on the Music Heart item
  • Added an option to put all remaining Music Notes into a single stat
  • Pressing the cancel button when adding Music Notes goes back to the main Music Heart menu
  • Removed the "Use them wisely!" text from the dynamite puzzle room. It incorrectly implied you can never get more dynamite

Bug Fixes
  • "Recover Sita's memory" todo is now marked complete once you find her memory
  • Missing "Confront Redd" todo is properly added
  • Fixed an issue where the Regular Bed would always be for sale if you've already added it to the Furniture Catalog, but didn't have it or the King Bed placed in Kyme's house
  • The Lich's charge attack can no longer kill characters who are Invincible
  • Damage taken from Alrick's Counter skill properly triggers "on damage", "on death", and "on evade" effects
  • Fixed an issue where Kyme wasn't saying his dialog at the start of the Alrick battle

New Furniture
  • Two new furniture items, a fireplace and an exquisite cake, have been added to Aislinn's shop
  • For those who had 100% furniture completion before the update, the two new items are guaranteed to appear in the store the next day
  • A new furniture book, Valdio's Knickknacks, has been added
  • Vladio will sell the new book in his store about 1/3 through the game
  • The book unlocks 5 new pieces of furniture based on the items on display in the General Store
  • Rodolf now gives +1 point for having at least 4 toys in a single room

New Items
  • Two new Prayers Beads have been added
  • One of each bead can be purchased from Father Gespucci for 1000 gold
  • Purification Bead: Heal Others also removes a random condition from targets
  • Sanctuary Bead: Gives the Sanctuary skill, which adds Invincible to all party members

Balance Updates
  • Sever Artery: Instead of doing +25% damage to already bleeding foes, it now deals an extra tick of Bleed damage

  • Crit chance bonus from Jump Front Kick increased from 1% to 5%
  • Crit chance bonus from Critical Artist increased from 1% to 3%

  • Death Blossom: Changed from 5 random targets to a single target 5 times

  • Borrowed Blood (Brave Wind): Instead of only Umbra and Brave Wind gaining critical hits, now all party members do

  • Quartz Gem: Crit chance bonus increased from 5% to 35%
  • Lady Luck: Crit chance bonus increased from 3% to 7%, evade chance bonus increased from 5% to 7%
  • Chronomancer's Ring: AGI stat increased from 18 to 100
  • Gloves of the Swordsman: Now also gives +10% PATK
  • Flame Seer's Headband: Added resist freeze
  • King's Gauntlet: Now also gives +75% ATK buff on battle start
  • Black Powder: Damage increased from 100 to 200

Steam Achievements
  • 11 Steam Achievements have been added
  • For copying an existing save to Steam, and retroactively earning the achievements, please see the Steam Achievement Guide
  • Completed
  • Ramshackin
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 04/27/2016 03:35 AM
  • 08/14/2022 08:02 AM
  • 10/31/2021
  • 116949
  • 51
  • 914



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Which part of the swamp are you stuck in? Everything you need is inside the dungeon itself, and the whole thing is optional.
Which part of the swamp are you stuck in? Everything you need is inside the dungeon itself, and the whole thing is optional.

Thanks for replying immediately.. Nvm I found it the trick was to jump(shift). Lmao I kind of skimmed over the instruction and text for the first time around.

Now I'm close to completing it all. The only ones in the way is that illusionist(rescuing luciana) and stranger boss(abandoned house). The party I have is almost at level 80 plus having all cooked ingredients distributed and yet I still struggle finding the optimal party and builds to beat them. Really hardcore lmao. I even just had luck beating the moon raven using zombie flesh at the right time. HEEEEELP PLS LOL..

There's also those two who might help me later on stated by Ezekiel from the abandoned alchemy building. Are they for main quest only? (recover sitas memory)

Edit: I beat the illusionist, Luciana is pissed and he doesn't really say anything after that rough fight. Jeez, great boss fight though.
Those end game boss fights are pretty tough! Other players posted some of their setups in the comments.

Here's a high damage build:

The two characters from the abandoned alchemy building are only for the main quest. Once you've beat them a second time, that's it.
This is a great game! Any tips for the sewer slime mini game? I can't seem to get a time of more than 39...
That game is tough. I try to lure the slimes into a corner for as long as possible to maximize the open space, then lure them into the opposite corner.

Where can i find a character with fire spells? I'm still at the beginning and have only Sita and Ezekiel.

Thanx in advance!

Edit: I found him :)
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