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The Perpetual Realm was created a millenium ago by the king Zerberus. It is a world filled with Dark Matter, a substance that grants immortality and the ability to create virtual worlds. However, living in such a dark world can make one insane. The king and his creations have lived in this peaceful yet, disturbing world for ages but, those times are about to come to an end. The "Guild Breaker" is about to shatter everyone's perspective of what "reality" really is. Archimedes, a member of the "Royal Seed" has embarked on creating a new world with characters using life-like A.I. The player characters he created are now the rulers of this world, but, in name only. Almost as soon as Archimedes gives them the kingdom, a strange abyss phenomena starts appearing all over the land. The ten heroes set out to save their world against this new threat. Meanwhile, in the Perpetual Realm, Archimedes' project is sabotaged and now he and his friends are branded as traitors. Who is this unknown enemy lurking in the shadows? Why is he framing Archimedes? This game is part II of the "Royal War Saga".

Important Characters:
Warrior: Arrogant and self-proclaimed king of the guild
Berserker: Stupid, naiive, and friendly. Good at killing things with his axe.
Sentinel: Always calm. Never says anything.
Defender: Chivalrous and valiant. He always talks in capital letters.
Hunter: Usually normal but, has multiple personalities
Rogue: Lazy and sneaky. Just likes to chill.
Ice Mage: Cowardly and shy.
Flame Mage: Lunatic. Randomly says morbid things and like to burn things with his flames.
Thunder Mage: Typical airheaded girl.
Earth Mage: Scholarly individual that likes to use big words. Most find him boring. Archimedes: Creator of the guild; he has been branded a traitor by the king because of the "Guild Breaker" incident.
Balthasar, Chronos, Dinah: Archimedes' friends that assisted him in activating Guild Breaker.
Eldrick, Nara, Merlock: Members of the Royal Seed sent out to capture Archimedes.
Yaris: The eldest of the Royal Seed. He has lived for over 900 years.
King Zerberus: King and creator of the Perpetual Realm. He has ruled over this world for over 1000 years.

2 difficulty modes (Normal and Easy)
Free-Turn Stamina Battle System (mixture of SMT Nocturne and Chrono Cross)
10 playable characters
Over 90 different enemy types
Several optional mini-bosses
Non-random encounters
Full recovery after every battle
Save anywhere
2 different endings
Lots of Dungeon-crawling

The Free-turn Stamina battle system allows you to take 4 actions per turn. The actions can be divided up between the characters as you see fit as long as they have the stamina to carry out the action. Characters recover 30-40% of their stamina per turn and the "Rest" command allows an extra 40% to be recovered. It's the same battle system from Realm of Perpetual Guilds but, now with more options, diversity of abilities, and a more balanced difficulty level. Now you can switch characters out during battles and change accessories to fit the situation. If you like a good rpg that actually makes you think during battles and isn't just "mash x to continue" then this game is for you.

Game controls:
Z: Confirm / talk / open treasure chest
X: Cancel / open menu
Q and W: Scroll through character menus
Left and right arrow keys (during battle): Switch characters
Alt + Enter: Change to Full-screen

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Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Well that's not nice :(
Read everything, subscribed.
Clicked download but THERE AIN"T NUN :)
I never got a chance to upload anything before the game got accepted. I looked EVERYWHERE and could not find an upload link. I'll have it up soon. Thanks for waiting.
Game is being switched to "commercial". It will hopefully be released on Steam in early January.
Can't get past the second story boss... it has too much HP and retaliation kills me fast. Also in the second dongeon, the side boss kept appearing randomly again and again, fought him like 5 times... and hes easy. But the second story boss has way too much HP.
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