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Progress Report

Bleeding is not Good for You. (Game update uploaded.)

A new update has been added to the game. The update doesn't address all issues, but it does eliminate the immediate problems in gameplay. Notably, bleeding caused regeneration. It now properly causes HP reduction. Also, in the treasure chest room, there are multiple battle events, but the player only goes through one. Not all battle events recovered health. They do now.

There is still quite a bit of polishing to do on the battle system, for example, I didn't want there to be an MP gauge, but that's all stuff that's going to require a bit of development, though the MP gauge could be removed easily, that's not what I'm most interested in. Rather, I'd like to redesign the system to fall more in line with what I envisioned.

Anyway, this update should not have any serious bugs, anymore.


A working quest

The Quest of Lost Memories is finally working right. For those that are unfamiliar with the problem, the maze had broken down. I did not know how to fix the problem, but I finally decided to work on the problem myself. I've finally got it working.


The Long Quest

Well, I was beginning to think Liberty's prophecy would come true and we wouldn't make it. In the 11th hour, the game very quickly became functional. Amazingly, I have just sent a working, blessedly glitch-free, or nearly glitch-free, story version to our programmer, who has already assured me that the battle system will be fully implemented sometime today.

It has multiple endings; a total of five, but it doesn't have the branching story paths. We simply didn't have the time to write them.

To OzzytheOne, I didn't think you'd be able to create the frame for a Battle System so quickly, but you did it in less than a day with a handful of Yanfly scripts. One of the early concerns was that the battle system we had dreamed up would take significant time and resources. So that is definitely worthy of praise.

Rose_Guardian's character design quite exceeded my hopes, especially for Alyz and Melora. Since all of my sprites are directly made from her artwork, Rose was indispensable resource through this project.

oddRABBIT provided the bulk of our battlers. I drew two, and I made a third from Rose's art. The rest are all odd's work. Also, the pendulum creature, who's name is not mentioned in game, but I assure you, it's TicToc, was a drawing that inspired the more fanciful elements of my imagination. I felt that his art greatly helped to add a whimsical nature to the story. Also, while I did write much of the story, his writing formed the base of it. Some of his writing is lightly edited, some is not. There is one instance where his writing is very heavily edited, but that's because the nature of the scene had changed quite a bit and I had to rework what he had written to fit the artwork that I had in front of me. odd, I promise, it may not resemble what you wrote, but it is entirely formed from your writing; I am of course, talking about the scene with the king.

I hope everyone sees what I see, and agrees on how valuable my team has been to the project; everyone of them.

I want to thank Liberty, who was originally part of the team, and helped us form the story. Now, as a playtester, her input was vital to getting this game to this point.

Now, as I already said, a full copy should be up today, but if not, then expect it tomorrow.

Thank you so much, everyone!
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