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A charming and evocative quest! Its memory won't be lost!

Hello questers!
It's time to talk about The Quest of Lost Memories, a RPG Maker VX Ace game made by PianoTm with the help of OzzytheOne (battle system), oddRABBIT (story script), Rose_Guardian (character design) and Liberty (tester). This game was released in 2016 for the Mc Bacon Jam Event and it's a short adventure game.

The story is this: a wizard lived in a tower by the sea with two children and a wife that became ill. He tried everything but his wife cannot be saved, so years later he re-married another woman, Alyz, a sorceress that stole his powers.
Years later Melora, the daughter of the wizard, comes home after her brother Sithis disappeared... what will happen next?
Then we have a story inside the story, the tale of Sir Arolem the valorous knight called by the king to kill the evil dragon that threatens the lands! How are these two stories related? Play and see!

Flee? FLEE??? Hahahahaha! We'll never go back! Always forward, my friends!

Concerning the gameplay it can be divided into two different sections: there is exploration, that reminds to me of the old classic adventure games series like King's Quest and Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero (not to be mistaken with Hero Quest, the videogame based on the popular boardgame), mixed with a choose-your-adventure game. Pretty old-style and evocative, if you want my opinion, also thanks to the charming graphics, it's just a pity you actually do not control directly the protagonists but just decide the direction or his/her actions. The game is more or less linear but there are some choices that apparently will determine the ending: I played the game only once and I had a bittersweet epilogue, so I guess there are better endings... I think!

Combat is pretty classic and simple (even if last battle was difficult!), I do not mind that since the faery tale atmosphere of the game: basically out hero, the knight, can equip various words that let him attack with various elements like fire or wind, and clearly every opponent has its own weaknesses. But unlike other games you can use one turn to change your equipment (so you get ready to face your opponent selecting the more effective options!), anyway do not remember to take your health under control and use the rare consumables only if you're risking defeat, since you'll be healed after each battle!

Concerning visuals and music the game is awesome: starting from the evocative menu screen, the game really shows to be a labour of love, I really liked the faery tale setting and how this is represented with the colorful and nostalgic drawings, it really feels like the game is telling a fantasy story. The music is similarly evocative and original, so all good here!

OUCH! This game includes battles! You did not expect that, did you?

Final Verdict
The Quest of Lost Memories is a short but really chamring and unique adventure game. It's stylish and really well made also because it's probably different from every other rpgmaker game you may have played! I'll just give you a hint: like in every old good adventure game remember to explore and check everything (ok, you may find also bad things but better than missing some important encounters) but especially talk with everyone. Ok? My advice is to try it, if you like adventure games this is a must, the only complaint is that it's a bit short but... very good!


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The TM is for Totally Magical.
Thank you so much!
And yes, there are other endings.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Oh shoot, thanks for the review RPGAddict!
Thank you so much!
And yes, there are other endings.

Oh well I expected that! Even cooler then! I've to check and explore MOAR I guess!

Oh shoot, thanks for the review RPGAddict!

Yay! It's a shame I missed this game... so far!
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