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Basically my project is a rm2k3 mod/engine.
I use Wolfenstein 3D engine to display a rm2k3 map.
DynRpg acts as kind of glue between Wolfenstein 3D and Rm2K3.
My project is a custom view system and a custom battle system as well.

Some sort of game will be made to explain the engine features a little like Don Miguel game with Rpgmaker 2000.

Games like Ultima Underworld or The Elder Scrolls: Arena, part FPS, part RPG would be possible.

It's not only about using Rpgmaker as a Wolfenstein map editor. It's to use both engine to make something bigger.
For exemple, the default Rpgmaker is used as a monster database.
You create your monsters/Npcs in there.
Item management is handled by Rpgmaker.

So far you can :
- create your own wall and include it in your chipset (the system is a bit different)
- apply the second layer on your walls (some kind of very basic multitexturing)
- add objects, equip objects, create events...
- navigate in fake 3D in your map/teleport to other map (Rpgmaker)
- fight ennemies which use move patterns much like in classic Rpgmaker default battle system
- and much more

You can see the project in action here :

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And cool, too. I have subscribed x)
Thanks, I'm in a hurry to release something new for christmas. :)
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Second subscriber!

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Oh fuck yeah, can't wait! Subbed!

edit: that makes me 3rd! woo
Thanks a lot for your support ! :)
I'd really like to try making something with this when it's ready!
Looks rad!
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