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Fun but needs improvement

This is my review for B.L.O.B. made by GameOverGames Productions.

Visuals: The visuals weren't that good in this game. The sprites in the game were simply bad especially when you would press up or down and a mario type sprite would appear.

Audio: When i first started playing this i thought there was something wrong with my sound. There is no music in the game at all. The only sound effect you hear is when you fire a blob.

Gameplay: The gameplay in the game is really the only good thing about it. You shoot blobs to access higher levels and to trap enemies so you can continue.

I found one problem though and that is if you get stuck in the blob you can't escape so it's basically gameover.

Conclusion: Overall this game needs a lot of work and should definitely contain some audio. Work on these things and you will have a great game coming along.


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Glad to see you liked the gameplay, but you can escape from the B.L.O.B.s by jumping, I think it was, fourteen times.
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