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Pumpkin Splat is an comedic puzzle with some horror elements made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It takes inspiration from John Carpenter's The Thing, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and Silent Hill to name a few. This game was constructed so players - casual or experienced - can download and play at their own leisure. However, this game is very story-centric. If you prefer gameplay over plot, Pumpkin Splat may not be for you.
Demo Story
The year is 19XX, and Halloween dawns over Marekuo Township as usual. Mayor Cimperman is hosting a Halloween party open to the entire town. Jackie Ware and his "babysitter", Ray, are heading to the Cimperman Mansion. But they aren't here to party! They plan to snoop the mayor's house for a certain something. But they aren't the only ones searching the place...
Save and Advice System: In order to save, you have to exchange candy with the adorable Violet Neville. You can also give her sweets for advice on how to solve puzzles. But you aren't carrying an unlimited amount, so use wisely.
Exploration: While not a major component, going off the beaten path may lead you to hidden candy or terrifying secrets. And who knows? You might find something special!
Additional features:
-Original artwork and graphics
-Demo exclusive puzzles
-Mode for players with hearing impairments that describe sound cues and atmospheric noises
-A colorful cast of characters to meet and love/hate

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Forgot to post this last night, but I was worn out. Sorry for that.

With that said, it is available for download! Just make sure you have RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed before you play it and you'll be good to go!

The demo features a majority of the Cimperman Mansion, save for the demo exclusive puzzles and the ending sequence; along with other details like a hidden Mossy Baby or other action-packed slug petting action.

There are many reasons for this; main ones being I self-pressured myself to have something released before 2016 ended and throughout January-May I am going to be forced to balance my first part time job along with the schedule of a full time student.

However, any freetime I have (if I'll have any) will be dedicated to releasing an eventual full version of the demo. Also I plan to release a mini update featuring bug fixes before school starts up.

Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy what's there and I wish you all a safe 2017!


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ahh! this game looks so cute!! ;w;
ahh! this game looks so cute!! ;w;

Thanks! I tried to make it as adorable as humanly possible! ^ u ^
Sounds fun- looking forward to the download. ^^
Sounds fun- looking forward to the download. ^^

Thank you! Hope the demo meets your expectations ^ u ^
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