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This remix of ABL contains upgraded graphics and sound and should be considered the definitive version; it has three to four hours of gameplay beyond the end of the previous release, which was entitled THE LINE NARROWS.

What was originally one game has been split into two due to the release of RMXP, so I'm marking ABL 2.1 as 'Complete.' Don't laugh! The second half of the game will be released in RMXP as LINE'S END, and will have a separate entry on RMN.

Okay, now you can laugh. ^_^

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  • Completed
  • Lys86
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • RPG
  • 06/29/2007 05:07 PM
  • 09/09/2022 12:50 AM
  • 06/29/2007
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Great game, once i finish playin it, i'll write a review. So far, it has a great storyline and i'm enjoying this alot. You've got a game amking gift my friend.
Typo-Sorry, I meant making, not amking. My bad.
its a good game so far ill give it a 6/10
*laughs* ;)
I've followed A Blurred Line since demo 1 so long ago.
Great gameplay, great story, great characters. Hails.
great game is there a walkthrough
Great game! It was slightly tough at times but still very good.
this was a wonderful game, one of the best story lines iv seen. switching between characters and those of different sides made the game play out like a movie... it was very unique
Mod Note: I've added a screenshot on behalf of Lys.
Still amazing after all these years... I have to give this a play through again for memories. This game is awesome. Tons of replay value too.
Excellent game. I just hope the sequel is released sometime this year.
Nowhere near as good as I was expecting. Hype strikes again.
This is a great game. I'm replaying it again, and it seems it's a bit longer than the last version I played. I'll try to review this when I finish it.
This game has a great replay ability to it. It's also kinda of fun to guess the ending, seeing as how it didn't come out.
I wish he would finish this game. It's like torture.
Eh, I'd rather the next version to be remade on RM2K.. The only reason for this is, that way I can keep my save files!
It was a great game, if a bit overrated. I noticed a huge problem with balance in the game. I found it almost impossibly hard in the beginning, and towards the end, it was embarassingly easy.
Gonna try it now. From what I've heard by the comments, this is really good.