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"War... a tragedy of unchecked self-interest."


There exists in the annals of the yesteryears a game that was considered a classic of the cloistered community of the RPGMaker 2000 engine. It was released in 2001 during a time when there were a few actual completed games... it went on to spawn an entire trilogy of games and an attempted remake by the creator of the first one in RM2K3. Permission has been given in the past for people to attempt to remake the Legion Saga games... and those have not succeeded. It was said once to me "Remaking Legion Saga is a huge endeavor, good luck." That did not deter me as I approached original creator for permission to bring this classic RM game into the more modern engines.

With permission granted I originally started this as something of a side project for me as an learning experience. I had been developing another game that took its roots from the old Suikoden games of the Playstation era. It quickly became evident that I had a lot to learn about game development. I made the decision to use it as a platform to better my abilities in this area. I set aside my original project as I began to force on the Legion Saga remake. Boy... did I learn several times that I was inadequate for the task. It took almost 2 years and several build changes to settle on the direction and skills that I needed for the game. I made friends in the community and gained a lot of help along the way to reach this point. I might have failed if it had not been for them. I have put more than time into the remaking of Legion Saga, but those investments are what bind me to the project.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is starting to get brighter!

Now without further ado, let's get to the game making!


Since coming to power after the death of his father, King Agaman Meluvet, has provided a great many things for the people of Meluvet. Those people that are capable live without want for many things and are happy with their apparently superior monarchy. However, across the southern border lies the Protectorate of Garalas with whom the Kingdom of Meluvet has a strained diplomatic relationship.

Once united under a single empire the leaders of both nations continue to claim the rightful dominion over each other to this day. This has caused centuries of tension between the two nations that cannot easily be undone. While the situation has only lead to the occasional border skirmish in the past; the times have changed.

This Utopian status of Meluvet does not come freely, and Meluvet continuously seeks to expand its influence over more resourceful lands. Many years after a failed attempt to conquer the western nation of Veramonde by his father; the current King of Meluvet may now have the means to turn border skirmishes and raids into a full conquest of the southern nation of Garalas.

Our story, Legion Saga, follows Prince Durane of Meluvet as King Meluvet declares war against Garalas. Under the guidance of General Kamza, Prince Durane is sent to the frontlines to seize a strategic asset, the border village of Seimu, which will allow Meluvetian troops to cross freely into Garalasian territory. The young prince is troubled by the war and he struggles with his feelings towards his father's warmongering.

Things begin to spiral out of control for Durane when he is mistaken for someone else... Suddenly he finds himself fighting not for Meluvet but to discover the truth behind his own history and who is the real mastermind behind the war between these two nations.


  • Classic RPG-style gameplay

  • 42 Legionnaires to recruit, the original 28 from Legion Saga, a few expanded from Legion Saga R, several characters seen only in Legion Saga 2 & 3, and the remaining will be all new characters designed for Legion Saga DX! Additionally there is an optional character (and therefore doesn't count as one of the 42) that comes from Asylum: Secret of Caledria.

  • Select from a multitude of characters to fill out your battle party along with other characters that function in a support role as an entourage!

  • An expandable Castle that acts as the headquarters for your army of recruits where you can do various activities and speak with your Legionnaires.

  • Revamped War System and Dueling and expanded scenes that take advantage of the new systems.

  • Revamped Orbcraft System

  • Expanded Orbs, Items, Armors, and Accessories!

  • Weaponsmiths that you can pay to upgrade your weapons as you progress. No longer will you have to buy new weapons at every town as your progress through the story!

  • Random Battles? Those are a thing of the past, but they are staple of classic game-play. You are given more control over the encounter system in the game. Avoid as many encounters as you want if you have the patience for it or equip multiple Orbs that will effect the encounter system from Orbs that increase the difficulty to Orbs that allow you to pay off your attackers losing canu and a small bit of health in exchange for avoiding the battle and earning a bit of experience.

  • Expanded storyline and world using canonical information from Legion Saga R, Legion Saga 2, Legion Saga 3. Some original content will be added to fill out the story or changed for coherency purposes.

Latest Blog

Progress Report (September & October 2019)

The Universe has conspired against me.

Almost zero progress aside from the new Title Screen was made due to life issues.

The short story is a year ago my mom found out she had Stage 4 Cancer. She has been undergoing treatment since then but due to the side effects of the treatment she is having some other issues. This lead to her boyfriend becoming emotionally abusive and being unwilling to accept her condition as she deteriorated.

We were not aware of how bad it had gotten until shortly after
my last blog post. She had become unable to care for herself like a normal adult, and he refused to allow nurses to come into the house. So I had to intervene to remove her from the house and move her into my house. It has been an adjustment.

I will be getting back to development soon.

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  • 12/31/2020
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The TM is for Totally Magical.
You have a subscriber!

Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
hhhhheeeeyyyyyyy, wait a minute.....I subscribed first.
OH, that's right, I forgot to post that I did so :)
I can't retract my thank you for Piano first... but thank you!

As an update to the game... I am currently not working in MV anymore. I like MV, but I don't want to update and break the game every couple months... and since most of the high-end plugin makers keep their plugins update based on the new MV updates I run into compatibility issues. I feel like MV is still in the toddler stage compared to the other RPG Makers right now.

As such I've started work in Ace. I will have to update this page at some point but now I am currently working in Ace under the working game title Legion Saga: Advent Prophecy.
RMN sex symbol
You fuck this up I'll kill you.
Sweet. My first development related Death Threat! Now that's motivation for success! I don't want to die... So I am going to have to do good now! Thank you, random citizen of Death!
RMN sex symbol
I've been a fan of this franchise since it's inception man, & absolutely love the original & remake is all haha.
I've been a fan of this franchise since it's inception man, & absolutely love the original & remake is all haha.

I was trying to be witty. I wasn't really concerned about the death part. I knew what you were getting at! It is a great franchise!

And I want to do it proud!
Colour me intrigued. Colour me subbed.
Also; have you ever considered optional permadeath ala recent Fire Emblem games?
I haven't really played the most recent Fire Emblem game, but I have considered the possibility of permadeath in the "War System" which I am working on expanding upon from the original game.
This looks really cool, personally I have never played the original but Ill have to try this out. (+1SUB)
Thanks! I am looking forward to bringing this game forward 13 years into the more powerful RMMV.
Subscribed, I have a good feeling about this remake.
Art is the lie which makes us realize our truth.
I could really learn a thing or two about using these tilesets from ya. You use them really well! Anyway, this looks great, so count me in! <3

I'm rooting for ya. ^.^
Esby and Decky as mappers, this is getting better and better.
I could really learn a thing or two about using these tilesets from ya. You use them really well! Anyway, this looks great, so count me in! <3

I'm rooting for ya. ^.^

And the screenshots are slightly outdated. I'll tell you what though... Esby and Deckiller make magic with the Time Fantasy tileset. I had to seriously start applying myself in the new build so my maps don't completely get humbled by their maps and I embarrass myself! :D

Esby and Decky as mappers, this is getting better and better.

I can only agree, sir.
Man... apparently using the edit function on an image does not work perfectly. I had to delete several images and upload them... only to find out it was still caching the old image so I had to rename them on my computer... delete the old images... and upload them again for them to update properly.

To the RMN Gods... Sorry! but I wasn't trying to display pictures that were cached like a year ago! :/ You can see the pictures it was displaying in Discord! Don't hurt me, Libby!
So, as someone who's never even touched a Legion Saga game, would you recommend that I go and play the originals, or since this is essentially an improved remake, should I just wait for this to be released?
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