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Progress Report (August 2019)

  • Arcmagik
  • 08/31/2019 01:51 PM

August is almost over. Not as much work as I would have liked to get done, but it wasn't a complete waste of the month. We are both ramping back up more and more though.

These were the following things completed or put into production in August:
  • Deckiller is working on the last 5% of the maps, and any type of clean up on maps that is needed.
  • New title screen has been planned out. This is just because my photoshop abilities have improved and is a new center piece map that we plan to reveal with the title screen.
  • The game intro was nearly complete but now has to be transferred to the newer maps and tweaked for them.
  • We have planned the demo out of the game out and are pushing for an end of October release right now, but that is dependent on some art commissions being completed for the battle system by then.
  • In regards to Battle System, we have been quite active recently in planning the battle system which was one of the remaining pieces for the introduction/demo. I am currently on a three day weekend from work so I am implementing the battle system so it can be tested.
  • I have been critically pruning plugins as I moved things to the new Master version of the game to cut down on incompatibilities and bloat.

In retrospect, maybe we did achieve more than I realized! I'll see you guys next month!


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Besr Richard Slayer
Glad things are happening nontheless! Keep up the good work! Perhaps sometime your game will have a little music.
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