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Where's my demo?!

I don't know. I don't know when it will be done at this point. My medical issues are causing a lot of problems for me, and I've been taking some strong drugs for them. Between the pain and the medicine I haven't been overly productive since the end of June.

It has been very frustrating. However, tomorrow should be the day I get something that should help. It should take two weeks to see if it works then hopefully I can get back to being productive.

Other good news I did send Deckiller the Alpha_0.85b of the demo tonight for testing. It has all the story elements up to the final battle of DX's first dungeon. What this means is it is currently missing:
  • The battles aren't completely implemented at this moment as I need to program the Action Sequences and enemy abilities.
  • The first war battle is not currently implemented. I had a tactical movement plugin finished about a month ago because I couldn't make the movement work with events. I need to implement it and finish the rest of the war system now.
  • I need to add the post-boss battle scene, the return to the king, and the scenes leading to the first war battle.
  • Polish. Probably a lot more than I am expecting.