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Progress Report #2: Klarice Kealborn / Random stuff

  • OldPat
  • 02/16/2017 05:57 PM
- Progress Report #2: Klarice Kealborn / Some random thoughts. -

Some more updates regarding the development of the game and some sweet pixel art. Also some random trivia.

Lately, I've been working on the game's storyboard/GDD and I'm trying to include everything in it in detail. The goal is to deliver good storytelling and maintain a fair balance between cutscenes and gameplay segments. It's proving to be a bit difficult. There will be occasions when the game will feature long cutscenes. But I will try to not make them too frequent.

Beside that, I'm including all of the features and mechanics the game will have. Things for now are turning out great. There are a lot of ideas and stuff waiting to be implemented. I'm looking forward to it.

Moving on, HROT, the game's pixel artist, came up with this:

A pixel art showing Klarice Kealborn and some of the female models who work for her agency. More information on this character can be found in the "Synopsis and Characters" section of this gamepage.

She's the new Kealborn sister who will be featured in Karma Flow 2, a really important character. I've been planning to make some room for her in the first Karma Flow, but I didn't had enough time to properly introduce her and make her a significant part of the plot there.
Removing her from that game worked for the best, as the story of the first chapter was already "overflowing" despite its short campaign.

Just like Florien, Klarice had to become involved with the criminal underworld of Rolsara in order to provide for her family. She is constantly in competition with Flo, but at the same time they work together for Mary's sake.
They have some kind of "love and hate" relationship. Also, she's very useful as she can provide the player with information regarding his next mission, for the right price.

Random trivia time. She originally appeared in another game of mine, a 3D non-linear investigation game I was developing some years ago called Project Cleaners.
You can see her VEEEERY old design for that game in here:

Direct Link: http://i64.tinypic.com/2wnwtvc.jpg

That is some really bad 3D and artwork. xD
She was called Klerika Derend in that game. Klerika, just like the antagonist of the first Karma Flow. When it comes to recycling from failed project, I do recycle a lot.^^'
Ultimately, the project was cancelled, but I liked her design so much that I decided to come up with another version of her for Karma Flow.

Here are some old Concept Arts (prepare to puke^^') of Klerika:

#1 (2013):

Direct Link: http://ssafropat.deviantart.com/art/PC-Character-Mess-Colored-Part-1-380839849

#2 (2013 - Christmas version):

Direct Link: http://ssafropat.deviantart.com/art/Very-Merry-Christmas-422169795

#3 (2013):

Direct Link: http://ssafropat.deviantart.com/art/Project-Cleaners-Yet-Another-Klerika-Derend-Art-437092849

#4 (2015):

Direct Link: http://ssafropat.deviantart.com/art/Karma-Flow-Another-Character-2-SKETCH-576690744

Last Concept Art and Design:

Direct Link: http://i68.tinypic.com/2q034vl.png

My next goal is to try and make her hat look better in her artworks. xD That's something that needs to be done.

After the storyboard is finished, the next step is to test all of the new game's mechanics in order to see if they work properly.

I'm thinking about uploading some of the artworks in the "Images" section as well. I'll see about that, there is already an artwork section after all.

That's all for this update!