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Demo Version 4 is up!!

  • orange-
  • 11/16/2017 07:08 PM

The new demo version 4 of Fear & Hunger is up!!
It's a big update too.

Check out the Downloads section for links!

New features include:

  • Tons of new areas and items

  • Randomized dungeon layout

  • New enemies and bosses

  • 4 different character classes at the beginning

  • New skills and magic

  • New playable characters

  • You can now save game too

  • Ranged combat with bow and arrow and bear traps!

  • All kinds of cool stuff, believe me!

I was meaning to launch a kickstarter campaign at the same time as this demo, but little did I know that Kickstarter is still not available at the oh-so-regulated-Finland. Thank you Finland.

Oh well, I'll probably look into Patreon or something soon, but it's probably going to take some special bells and whistles to get it running here too.

Well enough of my rambling. Hope you enjoy the demo! :D

Any feedback is super welcome and I hope to see you at the discord channel or on twitter!


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Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
When you set up your patreon, also try to have some way for people to make a one-time payment to you. Some people (like me) aren't reliable patreons because we do contract work or something similar. Making a lump sum donation, you still get your money and we don't get the grief of having to cancel a month or two down the road.

Sadly it'll be many moons before I can play this version. Damn just not enough time:(
Awesome! Looks like you've come really far with this.
Yup it's progressing at least ^^

The game is now at the state I originally wanted it to be for it's initial reveal :D
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