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Version 1.1 is out!
//Below for posterity.
I am planning on expanding the game later on after the Winterruption event. Adding in a few things that had to be cut for time (due to flu, snowstorms, or just being Winterrupted at every turn) or just to expand on things currently in-game. Also if anyone finds any bugs, misaligned texts, or any suggestions, improvements, or questions feel free to message me.
***END NOTE***

In a time of great uncertainty and increasing outlaw activity people need something to hold onto. Something like...Justice. The kind of justice only a rootin tootin Sheriff can dispense. Can you become a Sheriff beloved by the good people of the West? Or will you fall victim to the dangers and temptations a lawless land purveys?

Ride along with Sheriff Libby as she takes down bandits and ne'er-do-wells. Navigate social encounters to ease situations before they escalate into shootouts. Explore the far reaches of the Eladige Dodalv Territory of the Great Desert and find wondrous and mysterious things. Acquire allies in your pursuit of justice by appealing to their better nature...or by knockin down their ego a point or two. Accumulate expertise as you practice your sharpshootin on varmints and use it to acquire valuable skills.

Sheriff Libby - A 'somewhere between mid-twenties and mid-thirties' gal whose known in her home town as the 'Sunset Shadow'. Decided to become a Sheriff to be able to do a bit more than mere vigilantism. Now she's on her way to an appointment with the Territorial Governor about a very important application. Loves her hat and Horse. Proficient with most firearms and learned how to barroom brawl down in Prescott.

Horse - Libby's prized horse. It has no name, because a horse with no name helps you keep out of the rain. Carries a micro-Victrolla for those long, silent rides.

The Rock Breaker - Fiery temperment and possessing dubious morals. Such a man must be watched lest he cross the train tracks. Doesn't mingle with townsfolk. Prefers his beef well done.

The Gunslinger - A fast-talkin', rootin', tootin', shootin' type. Frequently found in bars and brothels. Is there more to her than money and liquor? Ask her about Loom.

The Postal Rider - Delivering the mail by horse is a dangerous job and takes a special kind of sort to do it. From the far north-east and finds simple townsfolk can't understand her. Loves her horse more than is healthy.

Supporting Cast:

The Loveable Barmaid - Cute, pink, and quirky. She'll do anything to keep her customers happy, but not that. Or that. Not as peaceful as she seems.

The Exotic Wagtail - Works at the Sweetwater Inn. Doesn't say much these days. A hard drinker who has knocked The Gunslinger down more than a few times.

The Hardy Farmer - Whether weathering the weather or bandits, this lady has worked hard to support her large family. A fine ace of spades.

And your friendly neighborhood shop keepers, story tellers, murderers, and ruffians.

Current Side Quests:
Of Gambling and Men
Paint it Greenish
Dark Side of the Road
Her Sigh
A Bridge over Trolled Waters
Granny's List
The Good, The Bad, and the Caz
Diamond of Alkaline Gulch
Oops! Suddenly...Dark-Space Being
Curses and Braids
The Case of the Empty Eternity Box

Latest Blog

Sunset Sheriff 1.1 is Up!

Got the version uploaded and ready for download. There is a lot of stuff added, but your save files should still work. The download section has all the details. Hope everyone enjoys! Also any bug reports are greatly appreciated.
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  • Delsin7
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  • 02/15/2017 05:48 AM
  • 12/27/2023 05:23 AM
  • 02/18/2017
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There should be addit as the man who shot Liberty.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Whooooo! Western!
Did your bugfix include the missing wind data when playing the organ in Sweetwater?
There are some bug: some tables can walk over(or least one...?) Reload freeze game...
Hmm. The wind sound for the organ will be fixed in next micro patch. I referenced the duplicated wind sound instead of main one. >.>

Do you remember what tables can be walked over? Or just the map?

Not sure why the reloading freezes the game. Hmm.

]1.0 B should be out in a day or two as soon as it finishes uploading. Found a second instance of referenced wind sounds. >.> Thanks for the reports!

Ok, 1.0 B is available.

Scratch that. 1.0 C is incoming in 30~ minutes. Should fix those problems plus a couple more bugs.

1.0 C is up.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
I've lost count of the number of Liberty fangames on RMN at this point. Something about her seems to inspire a lot of people to make games. Pretty nice.

Anyway, congratulations on finishing your Winterruption game! I hope I can find the time to take a look at it soon.
Western RPG's are a "delicatessen" <3
The download in the Dropbox seems to be broken. I've attempted to download it 4 times now, once even on a separate computer, and it always breaks at the same point.
The download in the Dropbox seems to be broken. I've attempted to download it 4 times now, once even on a separate computer, and it always breaks at the same point.

Hey Zachary, I just downloaded from dropbox directly and through rpgmaker.net and both ways seem to download, unzip, and start just fine. What browser and operating system are you using? I'm using Windows 10 and the latest version of Firefox. You're also downloading version 1.1 which is the final one ye?
Hi Delsin,

I'm also using the latest Firefox installation and Windows 10. (The other computer had Windows XP and Firefox 52 or so, the last viable installation of Firefox on that operating system.)

If you downloaded it successfully, then I suppose that my network connection is just really bad. It's only 70 KB/sec at maximum, and the game being almost 500 MB, I guess the connection times out before I can fully download it...? I know that Firefox had timeout settings that I can adjust, but there are like 50 of them and I don't know which one to adjust.

But... that isn't your problem. I'll look further into it. Thanks for confirming that it's not the download itself.
Just downloaded it successfully from here, at RMN. So, my troubles were just Google being stupid and not taking slower connections into consideration, and purposefully cutting me off...

...It's just version 1.0 though. I wish that I could have downloaded 1.1!
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