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Princess' Quest and the Royal Secret is an RPG about Princess Arle who has become concerned about her brother Prince Elwin.
He was sent on a mission by his father, King Morlund, and was expected to return in only a few days.

It has been nearly two weeks since he left.
Princess Arle will go to any lengths to find her brother and will not be deterred by anything or anyone, including her father.
This is my first game for this site. It was meant to be a learning game to learn about different mechanics of the game and apply what I've learned.

It has been an interesting project for me.
With still a lot to learn,I'm hoping for a more substantial game in the future.
This is a turn based,save anywhere RPG.
Cancel or Menu- Esc or the Letter x
Highest Level is 20
About 5-5 1/2 Hours gameplay.
Lots of loot to find.
The game was made in a manner so that level building(or grinding as it is so fondly called) should not be necessary.
This game with VXAce.
Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy the game.

Latest Blog

Princess' Quest and the Royal Secret

The new version is done. As always comments, suggestions, reviews, ratings welcome.

Download button has been updated.

Changes done:
Random encounters now on four of the islands and some new troops added,
Mapping has been gone over and corrections made.
Punctuation has been done over.
There is one new Boss in the game.
Towns have been somewhat condensed and made smaller.
Castle inside and outside has been reduced in size.
Face graphic errors have been fixed.
On screen maps have been enlarged.
Passability issues have been solved.
Forest has been redone and made more attractive and
easier to navigate, although, it is still a maze- like map.
Man-Eating Plants no longer continuously spam sleep!

I want to thank all who have tried my game and invite
them to give it another try.
I also want to thank players for their comments and input.
I did listen!
A special thanks to Sawworm and Soul for
renewing my enthusiasm toward my game and game making in general.
As always comments,reviews,ratings welcome.
Thanks to sawworm for his great script!
And credit to Thalzon for his battlers.

  • Completed
  • dnel57
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/19/2017 12:38 AM
  • 10/15/2018 11:12 AM
  • 02/18/2017
  • 18535
  • 6
  • 306


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Comments are welcome about this game.
Good or bad.
It's how game makers learn what and what not to do.
I hope you will find enjoyment playing this.
Thanks dnel57
Grinding is more than necessary I feel. Otherwise it seems impossible to kill the gargoyle in the tower.
You should be at least level 7 at that time.Did you try paralyze?
I was level 5 or 6 at first and died several times before deciding to grind up a bit. And even then I had to save in front of it and try it several times because the battle is kinda luck based. You spam paralyze and hope it hits, if it doesn't, you lose. Also, it was a pain to grind, since you can't go back to the forest until you kill the gargoyle and have to grind in that cave with the plant monsters. They keep spamming sleep which makes the battles drag on for so long that it takes a lot of time to lvl up.
Hopefully, you will find the rest of the game more enjoyable.
I appreciate your feedback and your trying my game.
Hello, dnel57. Just started playing your game and I just noticed your skill in creating big maps is pretty impressive for your first work. I'm still struggling when creating larger maps :') One thing I noticed some NPCs are lacking repeatable dialogues after their first dialogue. I'll update my progress as I play more.
Thank you, Sawworm. I'll fix that,too. Some characters were only supposed to have one line, but, they should have a repeatable line afterward or repeat the same line.
Just defeated Gargoyle at level 7, it was tough~ I'm glad I've got a heal skill now :~D
I just noticed Boat Builder have 2 different face sprites when he talks.
In Morris, you can walk in logs (not the snowy ones).
Also in Morris, there is an NPC have 2 different face sprites, I believe it was in one of the left house.
You might wanna scale up Map Items, some of them are pretty small ^.^
(Just sold all of my stuff to buy Gigantes Axe, that attack boost is HUGE!)
And... Where can I get Eldridge's tools? I totally forgot.
Tools are in Belden, the town South of the castle. A member, Soul, showed me how to expand the maps. That will be done too. I noticed face issues while working on the dialogues. I think I got them all,but, wiil double check. I'll check passibility on logs. Thanks for reporting these things and for taking the time to try my game.
Just finished the game! It took 2 and 45 minutes to complete it and I found some new issues;

Volcano's Inner part where there are 3 spikes on it, you can walk on the left and right tiles.
Ice Cave also got a passable wall.
Elwin's Magic Barrier only cast on himself, not his party :(

Ogre just 1400 critical hit damage on Elwin lol :~D

So I decided to abuse Power Up items in the shop... I think I've created a monster!

Ouch... The last part was fun. But all those fun skills you learn so much later in the game. I think healing and AoE hit skills must be learned so much earlier.
Man, you flew through this game!
I'll message you with some plans later.
Thanks again for playing it!
Boosting attack power helped a lot through the last dungeon, I spent all those money on it! Those werewolves were tough.

Oh, and I must say that your events were great. Great job! It was a fun game.
Thanks, so much.
Hope the new version will add to it.
lol found interesting bug or what is it :) when u say goodbye in Sanderville to all citizens u can get infinite items from them i got fruit basket from girl 5 times
That's a bug. Thanks for telling me. A new version is coming out in a few days with a lot of good changes, additions and fixes. But for now, enjoy your baskets.Thanks
also have enother question here how to enter volcano castle? gotten to that moment already so i land near it and tru to go but char hits a wall an does not enter here is screenshot
I believe it's missing a dialogue like "we gotta find the Prince first" or something like that. You'll visit there later on. Search the world map, you'll notice another place where you can go.
beaten it :) good game in overall but the ending just saying goodbye) maybe some romance needed more love like princess fell in love wit Rolph or something :D but maybe iam just an experienced romance VN player and expect it everywhere
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