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Bug Fixes for ARCADEA Demo v0.2

Hello everyone~ Thank you for the amazing feedback for the demo! The comments have been overwhelmingly positive which is amazing for me, who has (very) little experience with game making!

Of course, special thanks to everyone who pointed out bugs and glitches! I have provided the bug fix list below (8/28/18):

-added a sparkly effect to the alien computer in MBM
-fixed direction on fisherman’s tackle box
-fixed variable count on Emi outside of house
-disabled the menu while star is moving
-fixed various typos and spacing errors

The updated ARCADEA demo v0.2 is now available to download!


ARCADEA Demo V0.1 Release!

Thank you everyone for your patience! I have finally released my first ever game demo. It's super exciting and also nerve-wracking.

I would love to hear your feedback on the demo if you have any! Critiques and reviews are all welcome! I know that parts of the game so far are probably a bit clumsy now but I would like to learn more and improve.

Thanks again for your support!


Phase 2 of Beta Testing has begun!

I have sent the completed demo to my beta testers for review! This will be the last beta test that the demo will receive before release!

While beta testing is going on, I will be completely revamping the character page with proper bios and such. So look forward to that as well!

The demo will be available for download on RPGmaker.net and itch.io very soon! If everything is on schedule, it will be released this month! The demo will be around 1-2 hours. c:

Thanks for following the development of ARCADEA!


Progress Report

Beta Testing has Started!

Hello everyone!

Some great news about ARCADEA’s demo! The first phase of beta testing has begun. I have sent the first 30-45 minutes of the demo out to my lovely beta testers and am now waiting for feedback. Once I get the feedback and fix all the issues regarding the first part of the demo, then phase 2 of beta testing can begin, which covers the remaining 20 minutes of the demo. Once I fix all of the issues, then the demo will be released publicly!

Thank you everyone for your patience in the development of ARCADEA!

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