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Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff v1.0 RELEASED!

  • b0yflea
  • 05/31/2017 12:26 PM
Commemorating 30 years of 'Dungeon Master'
1987 Dungeon Master

After 6 months work, have released the inital build of 'SDM:TQFTF'
it's been a lot of hard work and fun, and have learned a few things!

I am sure people will find it broken almost immediately, but hey, let's finally see what people think....

DL from this site or here:
Non-RTP Download

RTP Download


NB: Hints on how to solve this beast can pretty much be garnered from the old DM forums:
Dungeon Master Forums

Well, I hope people have fun with this:
you can rattle through it in about 3 hours, with enough secrets to make it last about 3 times that.

It's a bit rough round the edges and definitley a clash of cultures... so feedback welcome.

Enjoy! ...and thanks for your time, Dave.


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Minor update: there is a v1.01 here for the few people who have been experienceing issues with the VX installer (is standalone, RTP included)

v1.01 zip file

and game hints can be found here:
DM Forum Topic

thanks again!
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