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Five years after divorcing her husband, a mother returns to her hometown, where she once fell in love, to tend to her now sick ex-husband. The years that have passed during her absence were not good for the isolated New England settlement. It seems no one there can be trusted.

Using her motherly instincts and her wits, Lycia must appease and protect her sick and paranoid ex-husband, reconnect with her past and figure out what is going on in this place that once felt familiar.

This game was developed for the McBacon Jam 4.

Team Members
CashmereCat - Puzzle Design, Mapping & Scripting
esby - Mapping, Scripting & Story
superstroke - Battles, Music, Scripting & SFX
zDS - Battles, Graphics, Mapping, Music & Story

Amort OST
Album: On Soundcloud or Download.
Or just here:

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I downloaded this today, cause I wanted to check out more of esby's stuff. I wanna quickly post my thoughts here:

Wow this was good. I strongly encourage you guys to post this on itch.io and see if you can split the donations 4 ways or something.

This is a monochromatic survival horror game, the second level, was like, something out of a scene out from Fargo. This was really good.
If you guys plan to ever do a 3D remake. Amort would make the original Silent Hill blush.

Really cool game here.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Thanks LBR <3
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