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I've never laughed so loud after a tense victorious battle.

  • Irog
  • 04/29/2018 03:31 PM
Fire RMNblem is a comedy tactical role-playing game where you lead Libby's armed band to overthrow king Kentonus. All characters are references to RMN members.

The game features the typical NES Fire Emblem engine, graphics and sounds plus some extras. The maps design is excellent and it makes ingenious use of the graphical assets and mechanical capabilities of the engine. There is a wide variety of music tracks to fit the various story events. But some combat tracks feel a bit repetitive especially during long battles.
A central element of the game is its humor based on events and people of the RMN site. You'll encounter many active members of RMN as recruits, NPCs or opponents. The designer did his best to present member funny quirks and succeed remarkably.

On top of its community humor, RMNblem features a rich battle campaign. After a few maps to get you familiar with the combat system and melee attacks, you promote your townsfolk to archers, soldier or magic wilder. Then the maps require more thinking and smart use of the various unit types at your disposal. The difficulty ramps up slowly at first then the challenging battles kick in. They'll challenge your tactical mind for good. Some easier maps between difficult ones give you the opportunity to relax and train your low level units. Graveyards repopulate every time you visit them so you can train your army if needed. Overall, the campaign offers a lot of variety of combat scenarios. And each map generates its own set of tactical choices and some surprises you need to adapt to.

In depth mechanic analysis (personal thoughts)
I like the 2-5 range of the bows. This gives more options to the archers that some FE installments where the bow range is as short as the javelin.
There is no individual character inventory and no weapon durability. The absence of these two elements considerably reduces the time spent fiddling with inventory micro management and increase the time spent on tactical movements and attacks.
I strongly dislike the critical hit feature. Most of the time, it results in a sudden death of your unit. But here, we can save and load in battle and use multiple save files so we don't have to restart the whole map.
The always-retaliate feature can be overabused: send your strongest unit in the middle of the enemies and attack multiples times during the enemy turn. On top of that, when your healer learn the unlimited-range healing spell, your strongest unit can push very deep into the enemy lines and still receive healing.
I would like to be able to choose the potion of each of my units in the deployment phase. But I was actually pleased to see how good the automatic placement was; especially in the deepest underground of a shrine where your troops are separated in 3 imprisoned groups.
I wish we could move the battle map using the keyboard arrows.
Side note: Healers are super easy to xp because they receive 10 xp each time they heal a unit even when the target unit doesn't need healing.

Fire RMNblem brilliantly combines excellent challenging tactical battles and over the top RMN community silly humor. I've never laughed so loud after a tense victorious battle. A must play for any strategist or anyone fond of RMN community humor.


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Awesome! Thanks for a great review, Irog, and of course thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If anybody's Gourdy is able to make it to the end, it would've been yours.
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