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Version 1.11

  • Tuomo_L
  • 10/15/2017 04:22 PM


  • Daggers now have 7% increase in crit rate

  • Bows now have 5% increase in crit rate

  • Swords now have 2% increase in crit rate


  • The Innkeeper's name would stay on screen when sleeping at inn, this has been fixed

New Feature

  • You can now listen to any songs that you've heard in game in special music menu, this way you can play your favorite songs. To use this, you can buy the music box from a new traveler in the tavern

  • Loading now only happens at the start of the game, also eliminating some lag and FPS issues


  • Changed the cursor in the character select screen

  • Cleaned up the kissing image a bit

  • Made the Inn more uniform in height


  • Removed reduntant Formation option to free more space in menus

  • Removed reduntant Window color options to free more space in

  • Moved Fullscreen option to General and removed Display element in Options