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v1.0.1 Released

  • Sgt M
  • 03/14/2019 02:23 AM
Hey everyone! I've released a small update to the game that addresses a few small issues. Updating is not mandatory if you are playing on v1.0, but save files can be transferred over if ou so wish.

This patch makes the following changes:

- Fixed some spelling errors and skill descriptions.
- The Astra skill Calm Mind now has an animation.
- Fixed some map passability errors.
- The second rock puzzle in the mines should now reset correctly when the reset switch is pressed. v1.0 players can still reset this puzzle properly if they leave the room.

Outstanding bugs to fix:

- Some players have reported that the F8 half window size option does not work.
- (Spoiler-related bug below)
Fluoros' Heal More and Restore skill exit the menu when used outside of battle.


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I had no trouble with the F8, this works fine when you use it from the standard window screen. I use the F6 instead of fullscreen, works better with switching between game and other programs.
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