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Crescent Prism Widescreen Mod

  • Sgt M
  • 09/13/2019 03:18 AM
Crescent Prism is now is glorious 16:9! Starspire has been hard at work developing a widescreen fan mod for the game and it is now available to download!

To install the Widescreen mod, paste the two included files into a valid Crescent Prism Chapter 1 v1.1.1 folder, replacing the existing ones. It is recommended that you make a backup of your game files before doing so.

Note that this mod covers up through the end of Chapter 1. To continue playing into Chapter 1X, please move your save files into a vanilla v1.1.1 file when prompted.

Special thanks to Starspire for their amazing work!


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Hey, thanks for featuring the mod! I put a good bit of time into making this work, so I'm glad you like it!
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