11 select tracks from the RPG Maker horror game "Chelsea", available for royalty-free use!

  • dibur
  • 02/22/2016 08:11 AM
This is a FREE horror music asset pack containing 11 tracks from "Chelsea", Yūrei Darling's debut RPG horror game. These tracks may be used, royalty-free, in any commercial or non-commercial game! This game’s soundtrack was inspired in part by Akira Yamaoka’s music work on Silent Hill, and is a blend of creepy atmospheric layering with dark melodies. 2spooky4u!

The tracks are optimized for RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker VX Ace, but can be used in pretty much any game creation engine that supports .OGG audio files. Just make sure you properly credit me (instructions on how to do this are included in the ZIP file) and let me know that you’ve used my music in your game! (A free copy of your game would be nice too~ ^o^)

You can download the pack here: http://dibur.moe/assets

And if you haven’t played "Chelsea" yet, you can download it here: http://chelsea-game.tumblr.com/download

Sample Tracks:


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  • 04/08/2024 03:52 AM

Horror Music Pack - Chelsea


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WOW that really cool thank you! I'm sure I will find them a good use inside my game.
Great stuff ;)
Thank you! These are some high quality tracks, and actually I've been needing something like this type of music.
thats some good stuff, using this XD

Sweet! I'm glad it will be used XD
Thank you so much, I was looking for something like this.
Edit, I received a page not found error, is there any alternative links
Thank you so much I'm so gonna use this :3
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