10 types of tracks for use in RPG Maker Games

  • Scythuz
  • 09/21/2013 01:08 PM
Hello there everyone!

As requested, I have picked 10 tracks that I believe will be useful to the rpgmaker.net community. They are in ogg format but if you'd like them in a different format, message me and I'll add a link to mp3 versions.

These are tracks created in an orchestral style that will fit well into most rpg genre games. They are free for use in both non-commercial and commercial games.

That being said, please tell me before you use a track commercially as I will probably want to see your game!

If this resource pack ends up becoming popular and useful to people I will upload more. For now, enjoy the music!

OGG Link


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could you send me a mp3 and mp4 link and any other resource link for graph and chip sets. I am just learning how to use rpgm2003 which I just got 2 days ago and am finding that the basics that come with it is not quite enough for a serious rpg game. I would really appreciate any hope and will make sure recognition is posted in both causal play and commercial if I get luck enough to find some one to put my games up. Thank you all
I would like to use this in my game however its still very much in the early stages i am still getting the needed assets to do it hope you do not mind :)
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