RPG Maker XP

loading screen to hide the lag when transferring player to large map

  • XKandDF
  • 01/17/2019 02:09 AM
What it does:
-Upon transferring to another map, a loading image is drawn which overlay everything (the image will be placed on z = 9999 so likely it will cover up EVERYTHING).
-The loading image will be displayed until the map is fully loaded and running. Typically the image will not display at all if the map is loaded very fast.

How to use:
-make a new script page.
-copy and paste the script code; Note due to the formatting of the website, some of the contents in the scriptcode page may have been accidentally deleted. The full and correct script can also be found in This Link.
-When setting up a "transfer player" event, set the fading to "No". Otherwise the loading screen will not show up.
-Changing loading image: By default the loading screen image is set to the default RTP title screen. To change it, edit the variable LOADING in the module MENU_FH to the desired file name in Graphics/Title. The image should be 640x480.
-Disable loading: The variable LOADINGSWITCH in the module MENU_FH is the id corresponding to the switch that, when turned on, will disable the loading screen display. By default switch id 8 is used, though this can be edited in MENU_FH.

Note this script re-writes the following default method from class Interpreter:
command_201 (transfer player)
If there is any existing script that makes edit to above method, then place this page above the said script page.

This script also will use the following global variables:
if any other script uses variables with these names, then read through the contents in Menu_FH module and re-name the variables.