Wanna a DIY skip command? You've come to the right place!

Wanna a DIY skip command? You've come to the right place! Then this 3 part tutorial will teach you where to start!

First start a new project! If you are not sure how to do that.

Afterwards open up the scripts find this and press INSERT.

Then find Scene_Battle and Window_Actor_Command.
Scene battle is above the area you just cleared and Window_Actor_Command is here

Click inside the script and Press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C and click to the area you
Cleared and press Ctrl+V then name the script Myfirstscript.

Then go to Scene_Battle and press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C then go back to Myfirstscript
and select the LAST line of code press Ctrl+V

The first thing you do is go to line: 37 and do this.

If you don't understand what i did is i went to the end of add_item_command
and then pressed ENTER and then typed add_wait_command. If you don't understand this the entire code will be at the end of the tutorial.

Now go to line 60 and press ENTER then do this.

Paste this code below line 60 if you don't know what to do.

# * Add Wait Command
def add_wait_command
add_command(PVocab::Skip, :skip)

Then after that go to line 6 press enter then paste this code

module PVocab
Skip = "Skip"

Then go to line 318 and set a handler for the "Skip" Command, do that by Copying and pasting the line above 318 and editing it.

Go to line 454 and create a action for the "Skip Command"

After that press Apply press OK then right click MAP001 click map properties and add a enemy for you to test on.

Create some land for your character to stand on. And then test your game.

If you did this right. It should look like this. and pressing it should skip the turn.

To make this better lets add a Giveup command, so if the player realises he can't win and wants to make the gameover fast, he can click this button and have it immediately. So first you;

Add a vocab, handler, command, and actions for the command.
Replicate what you did for creating the "wait" command. But just in case here is
some photos of what i will do.

I messed up on this one don't put command_giveup_command
put add_giveup_command

After that test out your game, if it doesn't work try again.
You should have a button that gives you a instant Game over.

Thanks for reading this tutorial! Hoped you learned something!
See you next tutorial.