Have spikes that hurt you as you step onto them at the wrong time.

Death Spikes
Version: 1.0
Type: Damaging Event


These are spikes that go Up and Down. You can walk over the area if they are down, but if they are up you'll get damaged and have to start all over.
To better understand it try the demo or see screenshots.


  • Spikes go up and down
    Spikes damage you if you touch them and they are up
    Easy to change how much HP is lost and how fast spikes go


Spikes Down

Spikes Up

Getting Hurt




Required things:
  • 1 Common Event
    2 Switches
    How many spikes you want on one map

Through the instructions I'm going to refer to the two switches that are required as switch 1 and switch 2.

Next thing you're going to want to do is setup a Common Event. This event turns the Spikes On and Off/Up and Down.
  • The common event will wait 14 frames, play a sound effect, then turn switch 2 on, which the spikes are up and you can get hurt.
    It then waits another 14 frames and plays the sound again, and turns switch 2 off, which the spikes are down and now can be walked over.
    The common event needs to be a parallel process and for the example we'll set it to switch 1, and name it "Spike Death".
    Note you can set it to whichever switch and name it what you want. You can also change the 14 frames to anything as well.
Okay so we're all done with that.

Then you need to turn the switch on that makes the common event run. So have an event turn on switch 1 this way it'll be turning the spikes on and off. There really isn't a screenshot needed for this.

Next step would be to actually setup the spikes.
  • Set the graphic to 180-Switch03 and choose the top frame in the 3rd column.
    Under the graphic turn Move Animation off, Direction Fix on, and Through on.
    Make a new page. Set one of the switch conditions to switch 2 which we'll call Spikes On. So for page 2 to be on switch 2 needs to be on.
    Now the graphic is going to be 180-Switch03 and choose the bottom frame from the 3rd column.
    Set the options the same was as in the first page. Move animation off, direction fix on, and through on.
    Then set the trigger to Event touch.
    Now we'll add a Remove 50 Hp from Entire Party. So add an event command, go to page 3, and click Chang HP. Choose entire party, decrease, make it 50. You can change it to whatever you want.
    Now we'll play a sound, so add a command, page 2, Play SE. Choose whatever sound you want if you want a sound.
    Next part is optional to. Make the player transfer back to the beginning of the spikes. Add event, page 2, transfer player.

Page 1

Page 2

We should be all done now. If this seemed confusing to you at all, download the demo, and read through the events. If anything that'll help you. If you wish to just copy and paste events into your game feel free to.

Credits and Thanks

  • GameGuysProjects ~ For making it
    Aqua ~ For beta testing it

Author's Notes