Tutorial how to change actor graphic with no loss of level, equip, etc.

  • dnel57
  • 10/25/2021 01:52 AM
After a meeting of great minds(oh, no, no, no, not mine) Liberty. Marrend and Mirak.
I am adding a link to a playable, editable tutorial of how to change your actor's graphic in a way that you will not lose your level, equipment, gold or anything because you are ONLY changing the graphic.
In the tutorial, I open a chest and find a helmet and armor. I add them to inventory which is not necessary unless you WANT to equip them.
The graphic will change notwithstanding. So after finding them you can delete the add armor lines if you wish.
You can develop your own graphic change to anything you like. I chose something easy for the tutorial.
The main thing to remember is: Use the Change Actor Graphic from the System section on Page 3 of the event page,
By the same method you can change anytime to anything you like including back to your original graphic.

The link is below. Comments,etc. always welcome.