Conditional Branches of (slightly more) Complexity

Did you just purchase RPG Maker VX and you're still wondering how to event after reading through some tutorials?

I was there not too long ago myself. While written tutorials are great, it's good also to see it in action via a video. I'd liken it to when I was trying to teach myself how to do origami: the directions that came with the set were okay but I was still getting confused, then I turned to some YouTube videos and picked it up easy!

This tutorial is not intended for those who are a little bit more experienced. If you know how to do things beyond conditional branches you're going to be bored to tears.

What's included: more complex eventing (conditional branches), characters joining the party, making a shop and character movement (or lack thereof).

What's NOT included: map making, enemies, fighting, or getting to the map to the world below.

Things I customized but did not address: changing the start screen, changing the characters, and changing the background music.

Just remember when you're watching, this video is for noobs, written by a noob to RPG Maker VX.