Tales from Rotten, Moonless Nights

I'm honestly stuck in the beginning of Killing Light, not sure how to progress after I use the oil and get chased by the glowing thing.

Update: Umbral Soul Reverse

The reverse campaign will be awesome, Serene was one of my favorite characters in the base game and I liked the guy living alone in the woods even though he honestly didn't do anything.

Umbral Soul

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to scrambling for my life to get this bacon jam project done.

Is this out yet? I was curious what your Bacon Jam game was.

Story of a Rather Ill-Tempered Villager

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Dreamfarer (English Translation)

Currently downloading, can't wait to try it.

Umbral Soul

Well I'm working on a little something for the bacon jam event, but once that's done I should be able to focus all my efforts on finishing the ultimate edition. I want to say a month, but don't quote me, I'm not all that fond of deadlines.

What are you making for the bacon jam?

Umbral Soul

Any idea how long it should be before you release the ultimate edition?

Umbral Soul

1for3- Congrats on finishing the game bud, it sounds like you enjoyed yourself! I'm gonna put my reply under a tag to avoid spoilers.

Yeah, Marcus barely even qualifies a villain since he's constantly feeling guilt over his actions. In his eyes, the crimes he commits are for the greater good of generations to come. Even so, the things he does are still quite villainous, though he's more misguided than he is evil.

All of the characters (that didn't die) will be making a return in the sequel, including all of the characters you listed. Even seemingly minor characters like Nebra and the little old lady in Vallwin will make an appearance.

There's a glitch in the transformations so the characters don't actually die when their HP hits zero, but instead they revert to their original forms. That's one of the issues being revised for the ultimate version.

I was thinking of giving the Queen Hornet an evolution, but I couldn't find an appropriate enough image. You'd be surprised how few giant mutated monster bee images are out there.

Don't you worry, the secret of the locked doors in Rozalin's castle is another mystery that'll be solved in the sequel. I made sure to leave a lot of threads hanging so players would be eager to see things resolved in the next game. Azrielle's room will become accessible as well.

Ah, someone finally noticed the demon queen's coffin! I was wondering if anyone would catch that. That room was actually referencing another game I intend to make in the far future. It's going to cover the backstory of the demons, as well as the very first demon lord, formerly known as the demon queen.

Lumielle and Ragnarok are the only two actual gods in the game. The goddess of victory is more of a superstitious goddess, so no one actually believe she exists. It's kind of like when people refer to the earth as mother nature. Lilith on the other hand isn't actually a goddess, she's just really, really, REALLY hard to kill. Her soul isn't indestructible like Lumielle or Ragnarok's, but her ability to heal almost infinitely makes many demons revere her as a deity. Plus she's old as dirt.

Since there were so many playable characters in the game (about 20 excluding the evolutions), I didn't want to give any one character too big of a move pool. I wanted the player to experiment with a wide variety of characters that each had their specialties and weaknesses. I thought making any one character too well-rounded would discourage the player from using everyone.

Aaaand I think that's everything. Thanks for sharing your thoughts bud, you have no idea how happy that post made me. Reading posts like this really gets me pumped up to outdo myself.

Oh, one last thing. If you want to hide part of your text, just highlight it and click the little picture of an eyeball with a red slash going across it. It's the third to last icon on the right.

Thanks for responding and explaining.

"Even seemingly minor characters like Nebra and the little old lady in Vallwin will make an appearance." I have a few things to say about this. 1. I forgot that lady, but I liked her and that old couple near Lindale who knew Damien. 2. Did Vivan and Duncan live or die? They were basically given the death sentence, but I like to remain optimistic until a character is confirmed dead. I read too much Shonen... 3. I can't wait to see Nebra outside of a scenario.

"That's one of the issues being revised for the ultimate version." I assumed it was a hidden passive, kinda sad to see it go since it helped me beat Lilith. Oh, speaking of passives, it was kinda disappointing how few there were.

"Azrielle's room will become accessible as well." I was honestly more interested in the room in the kennel. I didn't expect much of anything when I first found it, but when I never unlocked I started to grow curious. After seeing Gryger's room I lost interest in Azrielle's room.

"That room was actually referencing another game I intend to make in the far future. It's going to cover the backstory of the demons, as well as the very first demon lord, formerly known as the demon queen." Oh, spinoffs, I was actually really hoping you'd make a few, so that's awesome. After meeting Zel's grandpa and sending Vivian and Duncan into the abyss I started hoping for a spin off or two.

"Aaaand I think that's everything." Excluding Talon not being playable, I think so.

Thanks for helping me.

Umbral Soul

I just finished Umbra Soul and it was great. These are my thoughts of Umbra Soul along with my hopes for the sequel. (Warning, I will probably spoil some things and I don't know how to hide spoilers.) Outside of Gyger (who I only used when it was necessary), all of the playable non summonable characters were more than just evil killing machines. I'd much rather call Marcus a very dark anti hero than a villain, he doesn't enjoy what he's doing and he just wants to free the world of ignorance. I'm assuming at least one of them will join my party in the sequel, Azrielle was the only one I doubt could betray Ragnarok. I'm curious how you'll use Serene's party, Athena, and Perseus in the sequel, and I'm really looking forward to it. Should I expect side quest characters such as Vivian and Duncan, Lilith, and the guy Mira likes to return? I'm also curious about Nebra, Rose (think that was her name), and the dark mage I freed from prison, I'm curious whether or not they'll appear. I was kinda surprised Talon was,'t a party member, and I was starting to suspect that Serene may be recruitable at one point. Speaking of Serene, I think she's competing with Marcus to be my favorite. It was nice seeing Lanith heal her after Lumielle's power nearly killed her. Speaking of Lilith, she was an enjoyable character but one of my least favorite summons. I loved her side quest, but she was probably the worst summon to use in it. I had started using Hilda when I reached the Mausoleum and she's one of my two favorite summons, the other being Asmodeus. I liked her move set and loved her passive abilities, though I may have found a glitch? When she died while Berserk, she would normally revive at full health with full mana and I could instantly berserk again. When I evolved the metal slime I was somewhat disappointed by his new move set. Before one of it's moves lowered an enemies resistance to thunder which helped it work amazingly with Marcus, so I was disappointed to lose that. They still worked well together though, so I kept using him most of the game. I liked going through Lilith/Lanith's side quest the most because I could use two summons at once, even if one of them was always Lanith, and Lilith's boss fight was my favorite in the game. Athena and the final boss and competing for second favorite. I'm hoping we get to see the announcer and someone from the Reddin church in the sequel. Speaking of Reddin. it's disappointing that one of it's only two side quests was to recruit a bee that I couldn't enhance.... Arcfall on the other hand was full of great side quests. I started Lanith/Lilith's side quest, I become a slime master, I freed a dark mage that I'm hoping will return one day, and I met the announcer, all great things. I've heard a few times that we'll Sullivan manor and return to Aster Forest in the sequel, but how about the locked rooms in Rozalin's castle and Azrielle's castle? I'm mainly curious what Rozalin is hiding. Oh, I almost forgot. While in Blightsoul Mausoleum I found an old demon queen, are you going to do anything with her later? I remember the demon sorcerer mentioning that the former demon lords were superior to Azrielle in one of the last scenarios. Will any other gods and goddesses be introduced in the sequel? I believe there are currently four, Lumielle, Ragnarok, Lilith, and an unnamed goddess of victory. I thought some of the movesets were kinda small, actually I thought they were pretty much all a bit small. Not even halfway through the game, Pandora quit getting new skills, I think it would've been better if they still received a couple near the end of the game. I'm looking forward to trying the ultimate edition and the sequel, I wish you the best of luck.

Umbral Soul

The sequel will have the player start on an entirely different continent, then travel to the continent on which this game unfolds. I can't really say anything about a desert area right now. It's...complicated.

I'm assuming Gulvin (I believe that's the town where you get the Kraken) and another port town will be used to travel between them? Or is it gonna be Abyssal Portal?