Umbral Soul

The base slime is S+ tier.

Arbiters From Another World

999 downloads? I'm playing just to get it to 1000.

Looking Back at the First Version of this Project

You could include some of that cut content as side quests.

Ascent - The Story of the World-Binding Tower

I'll check it out soon, thanks for the suggestion.

Ascent - The Story of the World-Binding Tower

Is this ever going to be updated?

Umbral Soul Review

I generally find fictional allegories for racism tired and overplayed, but as a result, if a story looks like it might be trying to do something different, I'll give it the credit of trying to look at it from that other perspective rather than trying to frame it as another allegory about racism.
I wish there was a like button or something so I could just show that I agree without adding an entire message to the forum that adds nothing to the conversation.

Umbral Soul

I'm really trying to wait for the new version before I start my second playthrough.

Umbral Soul

You could also work for Nether Realms, Ed Boon tries to crush dreams even if what he's saying is wrong (Hellboy) and he seems to be the face of the company.

Umbral Soul

I'm not sure how you're adding the light campaign, But as rewards for completing the game you could add a couple side quest length campaigns for the other characters in your party? This is probably an impossible suffestion, but just thought I'd share it anyways.

Good News and Bad

Thank you.