Happy Easter! Major Update: Easter 2.0 (New Definitive Edition)

For the new Ending can you put a hint in the Guide as you did with other key things?

The gamejolt site isn't working for me anymore

Well I got hold of a Admin in the Discord.
So we sorted out the Problem.
Looks like it might be the Browser Version.
I saved up money to buy a Tablet. When it arrvies there should be Edge on it
And with that it should work the Admin said.
I give feedback than how it is.
Thanks to the People that tried to help me. :-)

The gamejolt site isn't working for me anymore

It's not my fault if they change something so it doesn't work anymore and that I could find a way to contact there is not contact information to find. I didn't change anything.
Getting help or an answer in Discord wouldn't be easy because of the different timezone.

Seven Mysteries: The Last Page

It's a remake I think.

The gamejolt site isn't working for me anymore

Could someone please tell the gamejolt admin that I can no longer go on der Page?
How long it is I can't say for sure only that it is this year.
It doesn't matter if I use FF or IE. I only get a white page. I have a older version of FF installed. But it didn't matter until now.
I have no way to contact the site myself. That's why I aks you people to help me. :(


Special Edition now available

thx I downloaded it and will look in it when I get time. :-)

Room Escape download now available!

It's getting done, I swear! I have procrastinated quite a bit on it, though. All I can say is that I'll try to get it done soon.

In short, you just misjudged yourself. You may have gotten some more ideas for improvement and that's going to take longer than expected. Am I guessing that right? *laugh*

Room Escape download now available!

The so called "next week" is over now.
How ist it?

Goku Jrs RPG Adventure

The Screenshots look strange with the blue in the Background of the Opjects and Charas.
Btw. the bald boy is named Krillin not Krein. Or is it supposed to be someone diffrent.

Let's Try Parts 1 - 3 (Final)

The Videos are down.