Tale of Exile Act I

The game is great. It is so great, that i must say, that ActII MUST be released, and MUST be translated to english. We all waiting for ActII (I am at least)!

Zombie Survival

This is a great game! However i find myself stuck in the end since i cant find the Mansion. Is it someplace in the city?

It is not in the city. In umbrella's underground lab, right before teleport chamber, there's a tunnel to the left. It leads to the mansion - the game's final location. (But, it is highly recommended to complete the teleport storyline before that.)


Characters is just amazing! They reminds me of some Gainax-made anime.
I'm starting to believe, that real masterpiece is on the way...
I wish you good luck and out-of-problems creative process!
I will be waiting for the full version.

Phantasia 5

Mr. J-Man, i have just one question.

When it will be released?!
This is one of my favourite games, and i'm WAITING for the 5th part of this saga.
(and, not only me)

P.S. If you cannot release it soon, you can at least tell us, how long we must wait.
With all due respect.

Battle background vx plug N play

Thanks for this - it's MUCH better, than DBS.
But, in my project i NEED to do battle backgrounds, like it was in XP version. How can i do this?

Zombie Survival

Great game! Great story!
Lot of humor and nice moments.

One and ONLY one bad thing - MUSIC.
Why "Chrono trigger"? Why you didn't grab the music from "Resident evil"?
With VX you have full ability to work with MP3 and other good formats.
Maybe, you should re-edit music tracks?
(For example, song of Johnathan Coulton "Eat your brains" in ending credits will be great.)

But game is really great!

Heiwaboke Crisis

Please, upload stand-alone version. Many people will be thankful, and first will be me. (For some personal reasons, i don't want to install RPGMakerXP, but i want to play this game.)

Death Wish - The RPG

Oh, yeah! I remember DW3 on ZX spectrum... i was played it back then, and my opinion was "Good idea, but VERY bad realisation. Maybe some years later, when technological level of our civilization will be higher,someone will do it right."... I was just a kid back then, but looks like i was prophetic...
(I really, didn't expect this. Thanks. Game is great!)
Too bad, i haven't watched the movie.


Oh,no! THEY AGAIN!!!

Tactics Blade: Episode One

Good game. I like it. But it needs more characters.
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